• Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park

    • Location New Ambala - Chandigarh National Highway, Zirakpur
    • Time New Open from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
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Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park Reviews

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Rated Stars on 08th Jun 2023

About Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park

Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park is located in Zirakpur. HOPUP Zirakpur it is one of India's acclaimed gaming and entertainment centers that brings sports, virtual reality, music, and dining into an immersive, evolved, interactive, and innovative social experience for family, friends, and children alike. So, if you are looking to experience an exhilarating experience and also want to get your hands on the most valuable deals, then visit Shoutlo.

HOPUP implores the child in you to joyously revel in an unmatched range of activities ranging from highly interactive sports simulators to many more thrilling and recreational attractions. From Virtual Reality Gaming like Trampoline, VR games, Go kart, Bowling, Arcade, Wall Climbing, Rope course, Food Court, and Special Kids Zone, Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park offers all. HOPUP has something for everyone anyone of any age making it a perfect destination for “kids” of all ages.

Reasons to Visit Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park

With its vast range of exciting and thrilling activities, plus state-of-the-art facilities, this place guarantees a fun-filled day for individuals of all ages. Visiting HOPUP Zirakpur will allow you to explore an extensive collection of interconnected trampolines that will allow you to jump, bounce and soar through the air. So, whether you are a trampoline enthusiast or a beginner, this park has zones for every skill level. Below are a few reasons to visit Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park:

  1. You will get to witness a great range of thrilling and exciting activities at this trampoline park
  2. HOPUP Zirakpur offers a wide spectrum of activities or specialized zones for beginners or expert-level trampoline enthusiasts.
  3. The activities here will improve your cardiovascular health, strength, fitness, and coordination.
  4. The park is situated at a convenient location in Zirakpur and is easily accessible to everyone.

So, come and create long-lasting memories filled with excitement, joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories at HOPUP Zirakpur. Discover amazing and value-for-money deals available at Shoutlo for  Hopup- Trampoline Amusement Park. Visit now!

Map & Directions

Ambala Chandigarh Expy, Zirakpur near Maya Garden Magnesia, Punjab 140603
Ambala - Chandigarh National Highway,Zirakpur

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The price of Trampoline is Rs 699 on weekdays and Rs 899 on weekends. 2. The price of bowling is Rs 299 on weekdays and Rs 349 on weekends. 3. The price of laser wars is Rs 299 on weekdays and Rs 349 on weekends. 4. The price of kids city is Rs 449 on weekdays and Rs 549 on weekends. 5. The price of the rope course and wall climbing is Rs 649 on weekdays and Rs 749 on weekends. 6. The price of the gravity slide is Rs 299 on weekdays and Rs 349 on weekends. 7. The price of go-karting is Rs 325 on weekdays and Rs 425 on weekends. 8. The price of VR games starts at Rs 249 on weekdays and Rs 299 on weekends. 9. The price of arcade games is Rs 89 on weekdays and Rs 99 on weekends. 10. You can enjoy all games at Rs 2399 on weekdays and Rs 2599 on weekends.

HopUp Trampoline Amusement Park Zirakpur is open from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

No, HopUp Zirakpur welcomes visitors of all age groups. The trampoline park offers a wide range of activities suitable for both children and adults.

Although, there is no fixed dress code, it is advisable to wear comfortable athletic clothing and non-slip socks while visiting HopUp Trampoline Amusement Park.