10 Do’s and Don’ts of New Year's Eve

By Abhilasha Sidana
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The most overrated new year eve night is right around the corner, the time when celebrating the end of the year can be a beyond-awesome experience or a nerve-wracking disaster. So before you say hello to 2020 and end 2019 on a high note, Shoutlo has compiled a list of top ten do's and dont's that you should put on your checklist.


10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do book your party in advance if you want your New Year Eve to go off without a hitch. If you keep waiting for discounts or for your friends to confirm, you might end up paying twice as much for a ticket you could have gotten weeks ago.

Don't keep scrambling to make plans and figuring out what to do? You build this night up in your mind all year long and without booking a place on time, New Year’s Eve can turn into one of the worst nights of your entire year - before the year even begins.


10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do wear something stylish and fancy. Just because it’s freezing cold outside doesn’t mean you have to hide all of your dresses.

Don't wear anything which is not cozy and comfortable and freeze your butt off. Dress warmly. All it takes to make any dress cozy enough is a little bit of layering.


10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do get drunk. Everyone handles alcohol differently, so there is no perfect number to stick to. Just get a handle on your limits.

Don’t go overboard and get so drunk that you don’t make it to midnight. Rather, be conscious of how much alcohol you’re consuming and keeping sipping water after every couple of drinks.


10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do make some calls to your family members, friends and relatives post midnight and greet them with adorable New Year's wishes

Don't get too emotional that the year is passing by and drunk dial your ex. It can turn into the most embarrassing and regretful moment of the year.


10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do carry some cash as a backup and don't depend too heavily on your plastic. Most venues will accept Credit, but just in case they don’t or if your card is denied at any point, you will be out of luck and may find yourself in a tight spot.

Don't bring in too much cash. You certainly wouldn’t want to get pickpocketed or robbed so limit the amount of cash you carry.

Dance like nobody is watching

10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do step onto the dance floor and let your hair down, spinning to the beats. The year is ending, end it on a high note by making the most of it.

Don't leave your drinks and personal belongings unattended while you are busy with the fans following your moves on the dance floor. Swiping of valuable things and spiking of drinks are such a common thing to happen in the parties when not guarded closely.

Phone battery

10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do fully charge your cell phone before you leave the house for the night. You want your phone to work if you want to click pictures with your BFF, upload stories on Instagram, do party tweets or for a check-in on Facebook.

Don't forget to keep an extra battery or carry a power bank. If your battery drains out due to Snapchat, an extra battery will help you book a cab or call someone in case of emergency.

New Year’s resolutions

10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do make New Year's resolution, be it about quitting long-time bad habit of smoking, going on a healthy diet, following your passion, traveling. It's always good to have goals in life and New Year is the best time to remind yourself about them.

Don't discuss your New Year's resolution with everyone. Trust me, no one cares about your resolution. It's harsh but true. So keep your resolution to yourself and follow it religiously.

The midnight kiss

10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do kiss your partner. Studies have shown that people that get kissed at midnight New Year’s Eve are 72% more optimistic about the upcoming year. So the best way to ring in the New Year is a perfect kiss with your beloved and champagne for your midnight toast.

Don't embarrass yourself and your partner with a full-tongue hands-in-the-hair I-just-got-back-from-war kind of kiss. Overdoing of public displays of affection can make you look like desperate without a room.

Ride safe

10 dos and donts of new years eve

Do book a cab or have a designated driver before drinking and ride safely. You would not like to start the year with a challan receipt for drunk driving.

Don't drink and drive. No matter how much drunk you are, or how it appears you can "hold your liquor," you should not drive after drinking. When putting those keys in the ignition and driving away after drinking you are not only putting your life at risk but you are risking the lives of all those you come across while driving.

Wishing you all a great and safe New Year's Eve!

10 dos and donts of new years eve

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