7 Surprising Benefits of Being Single

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Who says you need someone to be happy and fulfilled? Most people are of the opinion that romantic relationships are important for our well-being and happiness. While half of the world is awestruck and wonderstruck with the idea of love, the rest half believes in loving and rejoicing themselves. Someone’s single status has nothing to do with one being alone or a loner. Being single is more about enjoying every bit of freedom, It’s about empowerment, it’s about being self-dependent and content in oneself. Being single is a life choice. There’s so much more to life than finding someone who would want you. Being in a relationship is great, but being single is equally awesome.

Let’s celebrate being single with Team ShoutLo. Read on about

 The surprising benefits of being single:

Big Savings: 

Being single presents some unique challenges and greater rewards. One such reward is savings. Think about all the money that people throw away on going out for dates and gifts. What about certain luxe items and special fancy dates eh? Take a moment to embrace your single status here. Thank yourself for being easy on that pocket.

7 surprising benefits of being single

Worship Work:

Having a partner is a sure shot distraction. Being single calls for no distraction which means one can fully concentrate on one’s career and other life goals. When the “love” for your job becomes your priority, there is an advancement in one’s career. Not only will you be able to fulfill your work with a greater zeal, you will also be able to devote yourself fully to your organization. Big gains are coming your way. Celebrate being single. Ting! 

7 surprising benefits of being single

No Emotional Drainage: 

We all have that one friend who keeps cribbing about how emotionally invested he or she is in a relationship. Being emotionally attached to someone can be draining and can also take a toll on you. Well, congratulations! You are not one of them. Being single calls for no emotional damage which ensures a better mental health and overall well-being.

7 surprising benefits of being single

More Time for Family and Friends: 

Family and your friends are your real pillars in life. Who would not want to spend some quality time with them? Being single would save you a lot of time. The time one would spend with the significant other can be replaced by the time you spend with your family and friends. Believe us, it is as rewarding and fulfilling as it can get. Bonds grow stronger and people become fonder over time. Here’s to being single. Carpe Diem!

7 surprising benefits of being single

F for Freedom:

Being single is glorious and satisfying. The single status will surely bring you lot of joy, quality time for your own self and a whole lot of freedom to do whatever the heck you want. Being single also comes with the sheer benefit of the ability to decide, choose and make your own decisions. Binge watch a show or get a tattoo. Go crazy or stay sane. You are your soul master, make the most of it.

7 surprising benefits of being single

Explore the Endless Possibilities of the World: 

One of the most joyous and fruitful benefits of being single is exploring and broadening your horizons. Travel on a whim, explore your own boundaries and work on your own self. Discover new possibilities and get to know yourself better. There’s no room for loneliness and despair if you are willing to explore and break the barriers. Always remember, ain’t no mountain high enough. 

7 surprising benefits of being single

No Strings Attached:

If you are single and loving it then see yourself as above everything. Being single comes with no baggage and no strings attached. Embrace this period of your life. Go out on a string of dates or just laze around in your pyjamas. The world is yours to explore. Stay out late or sleep as long as you want because you are not liable or answerable to anyone. Let’s throw our hands and feet in the air like we just don’t care.

7 surprising benefits of being single
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