Vikram Rawat: A Brand Consultant Who Changed The Game Of F&B Industry

By Sakshi Budhraja
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Whenever you are asked to name some of the most happening clubs and breweries in Chandigarh, a few names that you would recall may include Lord of the Drinks, Playboy, Ministry of Beer, Burj, Adda by Soi 7, etc. These are the places where party scenes are dynamic and nothing is ordinary. Well, what if we tell you that there’s only one man behind all these successful launches? Yes, you heard us loud and clear!

Building a brand is vital to any brand’s success in today’s cutthroat F&B industry. It demands a thorough understanding of the market, consumer behavioral patterns, and the ability to build an identity that standouts from others. One person who has defined himself as a sought-after Brand Consultant in Food and Beverage Industry is Vikram Rawat.

a brand consultant who changed the game of fnb industry

Vikram Rawat is an emerging hospitality consultant & Company CEO with over 21 years of experience in brand building, operations, and customer service in the hospitality industry. He has an elaborated educational background in hospitality and tourism, with a dense focus on hotel & catering management and food production, He is currently associated with SM Hospitalities and Anand Hospitalities as a Chief Executive Officer and has multiple businesses in his belt, including  Levels by the Sea, Main Land China, Stava, Oh Calcutta, Chai Bistro, Gup Shup, Sunny Side Up, and many upcoming cafe chains.

With his innovative marketing strategies and rich expertise in the FnB industry, he has helped numerous businesses succeed and increase their market presence. He collaborates closely with his clients to create a brand that represents their principles and USPs. With this approach, he assists brands in forming deep connections with their target audience, which ultimately increases customer engagement and brand loyalty.

The successful brand consultant Vikram Rawat has also worked with some of the most acclaimed hospitality brands in India, including Taj, Sarovar Group, and Timber Trail Resort. During his association with these renowned brands, he was for building a brand strategy that helped them to position themselves as a leader in the hospitality industry. He focuses on building a solid brand identity as well as a constant customer experience across all touchpoints. Moreover, he understands the importance of standing out to be recognized in a competitive industry like FnB.

a brand consultant who changed the game of fnb industry

Vikram Rawat has also established a Patiala-based company by the name of Dionysis Microbrewery Pvt. Ltd., and a food court with some of the well-known brands in the Food & Beverage Industry, including Barista, Burgrill, Yo China, Two State, Gianis Ice Cream, Kashmir for You, and Lahore Chowk. With this diverse portfolio of brands, he traced a strong name in the F&B sector.

Don’t be surprised if we say that Vikram Rawat has also worked in the initial stages of one of your favorite food hubs, Nik Bakers. He was aware that modern clients like Nik Bakers can no longer be attracted by ordinary or conventional marketing techniques. He has a close watch on the latest trends and innovations that allows him to create captivating and successful marketing strategies,

In a nutshell, we can truly say that the commitment, expertise, and passion of Vikram Rawat have marked him a priceless asset to any business wanting to establish a name in the rapidly growing F&B industry. 

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