A Guide for Solo Travel

By Zufeen Khan
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Traveling is one very exciting and tempting word and brings along a lot of enthusiasm and adventure when one is traveling. Traveling with family and friends is a delightful and fun-filled experience, however, traveling alone teaches one to enjoy solitude, and makes you insightful.

However, there are a few things one should keep a check on before going solo. ShoutLo brings a list for you,

1. Stalk: Don't think of it in a cheesy way! You obviously need to do a research and prioritize a few places and things before finalizing 'The' destination. You need to be informed about the cultures, languages, and places to visit for wherever you're going, especially when you're traveling solo.

a guide for solo travel

2. Keep a back-up: If you're traveling solo, you need to be very keen on this one. Email yourself and your family and friends, a copy of your passport, tickets, and everything else that is important. In this way, not only you but even your loved ones can take a sigh of relief. Somebody's got your back in case you goof up!

a guide for solo travel

3. Reviews will guide you: When traveling alone you need to keep a lot of things in mind. A few things that top the list are security and services. From booking a hotel to scuba to paragliding to x-y-zee, reviews listed by people who've previously used these services will definitely help you choose the best!

a guide for solo travel

4. Trust your guts: Even if you're your own master and you do things according to your wish when you travel solo, there is one thing we insist you to follow. And that is your gut feeling. If your gut says you should abort the plan of traveling from Amsterdam to London on a ship, just do it! Trust your inner vibe, energies never lie.

a guide for solo travel

5. Luggage: Keep your luggage minimal by packing only the essentials. You're going to be alone and so you'll need to help yourself all the time. Asking help from strangers is not very polite. Although, pack essentials like portable charger, socket pin that'll work in different sockets, clothes according to the destination you're going, some energy drinks and snacks. And how can we forget, the selfie stick! You're going to thank yourself for packing all of this once you get going!

a guide for solo travel

6. Plan and prepare: If you know a few local phrases in the native language of your destination, it'll be a bonus.You will need to adapt to the cultures and traditions of the place if you want to avoid risks and unwanted attention. You don't want thieves or stalkers following you in streets, do you? Ditch McDonald's and malls for once, and explore the locales. Eat the locale cuisines, tour the markets, and streets, dance with a stranger on the locale music. Take a lot of selfies and come back with a bag exploding with memories and unique experiences!

a guide for solo travel
Traveling solo can be a life changing experience if done right. We hope these tips and tricks come in handy for you. Go solo!
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