A World Without Men

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A world without Men

A world without Men

I know it’s fashionable to say we don’t need men. I say it very often myself. Women like to believe that men do have a purpose on the planet. No, not just to open jars and fix leaking taps or get rid of dead insects, we can do that our self. Nor merely as sperm donors even. A slight diversion here, scientists have created baby mice with two female mice without the help of male mice sperm, a process called Parthenogenesis, relax, they still haven’t cracked the code for virgin births. 

a world without men

We need men as partners. Nature intended that men and women coexist. Forget about romantic love for a while. Let’s just focus on the importance of having dads and brothers, not in as chauvinistic members of a patriarchal society of course but as supportive members of the family. Most of us have been fortunate to have loving fathers and fiercely affectionate brothers. But at times I feel infuriated with male species and wish them away. I shut my eyes and think of million times my gentle dad would find practical solutions to my hysterical problems as a child. When I think of all these things I revise the opinion. We can let them stay. We do need men; rather we need gentle, loving human beings called men.

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