Warm Up This Winter At The Best Cafe-Brewpub In Chandigarh

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The likeable alcoholic beverage, Beer, is climbing the stair of success to be amongst the most sought-after beverage and be a crowd pleaser. This golden-ish frothy liquid mesmerizes us with its seductive look and charms our consciousness to swoon upon. 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

True to its name the ALL DAY DRINKING AFFAIR aka ADDA robs you of your mundane routine and gushes your senses to chugger’s delight. 

Come let's figure out this place!

ADDA by SOI 7 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

If you thinking this is yet another brewery in Chandigarh, lemme just rewire your nerves, and remind you that it will turn your heads around every time you enter this brewery. 

And how... why... where… Keep reading...

The Location 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

To start with, your #ADDA- is superficially carved along the NH-22 at the most magnificent project “Namaste Chandigarh”. Expect the unexpected, and while you enjoy driving on this highway and crave to relax on something, your tired eyes will instantaneously get caught in this picturesque place. 

adda soi7 chandigarh zirakpur-1512128936

Could you ever imagine a place-at-the-outskirts would leave you awe-struck and conspire you to stop by and make you abide by the driving rule, which is “It’s better late (to reach your destination) than never (since you can’t afford to ignore this place) 

The Outline 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

The radiant string of fountains and the porcelain tiles make way to the checkered bridge that leads you to the vintage style brewery. The scattered lights of drop down lamps peep through the glass windows and bribe you to splurge on your beer. 

What else do you expect…? 

Your hop juice, some light snacks, and the chehel pehel of highway… just can’t thank you (ADDA) enough… Wink! 

Set your foot in the beer garden 

Talking about the feel and the character of this place, it won’t disappoint you either. The spectacular coffered ceilings, lined up wooden panels and the dim lightings add an extra cherry on the cake since it relaxes your mind. 

adda soi7 chandigarh zirakpur-1512128981

And to match this décor, brewpub has timbered stairs, the very own beer oriented wall paintings, wooden kegs (Ahuh… cowboys inspired) and my most favorite place is The ADDA Hot Seat. That chair takes me back to the days when girls were influenced by the cowboy type looking guy… Isn’t it… 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

The seating arrangement doesn’t lag behind and earns the due respect since the jute meshed sofa and the sleek chairs are placed rightfully on the checkered floors

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

Seating Plan 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

The seating plan is designed in such a manner that directs you either of the picture postcard views. Head or seat yourself in any direction and you will be presented with either the 1. Highway View or the 2. Pavilion Area (Lawn/ Cricket Ground) in case you are sports lover or cotton to the engaging 3. Indoor Area and revel in the warmness of this place.

Amazingly, the only Pub in India, which has a linked Cricket Ground and beer-full pavilion, set up with flood lighting fixtures, allowing hassle-free play at all hours. The cricket-cum-lager darlings, you have got this deadly combination at your very own ADDA where you can chug that beer and play cricket day 'n' night.

adda soi7 chandigarh zirakpur-1512128855

Hey…I forgot to mention… a seating under the sky… Ufff… how could I forget this… Well to begin and to end at the same time… lean against the edges(don’t fall please…) gaze at the beer mug… feel the cars rattling along the highway and get your thoughts engaged in the lap of moon n stars. 

A bit apprehensive about the chilly weather...? 

Simply let go... Since the patio is loaded with the Heaters to ease your cold blood and let you immerse in the climate and brew.

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

Which one is your favorite sitting area? Let us know in comments section… 

Turn around to the crux area- The Brew crew, Pub, and the Kitchen 

The first in the town to offer the Wood Fire Pizza is a must try. You cant just miss it. And why wood fire pizza because not only you get to look at the pizza being curated live in front of you but you can visualize the making of a pizza. Not only does it delight your eyes, the wood fire pizza tempts your belly. An interesting fact is that these types of pizzas are not only nutritious but have less calorie intake as compared to normal pizzas. 

your beer just got pitched beer adda in the neighborhood

They also serve delicious Mexican and assortment of Indian kebabs. We are already drooling at their woodfire pizza, cheesy tacos, and classic kebabs and we could go on, but you get the idea.

Accompany these cuisines with their Four Types of freshly prepared beer. The vicinity has all means and sources to spoil you. And why not…After all, where do you receive all these pleasures under one roof… 

adda soi7 chandigarh zirakpur-1512129006

Address- Arcade Namaste Chandigarh, NH 22, Dera Bassi, Punjab
Contact No.- 07347004750
Facebook- ADDA by SOI7

ADDA has already rolled out the red carpet for you… Where are you …?         
Ambala Chandigarh Expy, Adjoining To Haldiram, Dera Bassi, Punjab 140507
Adda Address
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