Fun And Adventurous Things To Do In Ludhiana

By Muskaan Nagrath
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It’s always said, “ Keep the kid alive in you”… And the best place to celebrate life is by spending a few hours at these adventurous and sporting parks. 

Challenging your brains and diverting oneself from mundane routine gives life a significance, as well as one, begins valuing the significance of " Being Lively and Sporting." 

Bump ‘n’ Jump… With the Bumper cars… 
Twist ‘n’ Twirl… On the thrill rides… 
Whirl ‘n’ Swirl… At the Water Parks… 
Tick ‘n’ Tock… To beat the clock… 

Ludhiana is loaded with world-class undertakings and fun rides to give you chills down your spine. I’m glad that at least my niece and nephew won’t be bored to death as I have plenty of options to engage their hyperactive brains. 

And what are you waiting for? Look at your calendar 'cause you require no less than a day for this sheer frenzy. 

Let the good times roll at these famous Amusement and Adventure parks. 

F2 Raceway 

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This place is unquestionably the life and soul of individuals who need to have the full delight of the springs. Without a doubt, a gigantic bold place that commands each second of life. F2 Raceway is, in fact, a diverting spot for all age gatherings. A heterogeneous scene that can mastermind your Mehendi work, your single guy's gathering and even the Page-3 parties. 

The major attractions are its 

- Whacky Waterpark, 
- Jet-Set-Go Karting, 
- Craziest Disco Coaster, 
- Fly-High in Flying Dragon, 
- Paint the world Paint Ball and much more. 

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Address- Canal Road, South City Bridge/Ayali Bridge, South city, Ludhiana 
Timing- 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM 
Contact- +91-8146677088, +91-8146677099 

Spend a fun frolic day and appreciate the marvels of an Adventure and Sports Park.

Mystery Rooms 

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If you were fascinated with the 1995 adventure film-Jumanji, then this theme based room is your destination. Unleash the detective inside you to escape the mysterious rooms. Open the savvy soul and let out your bolted partners. This place tests your administration qualities, persistence level, the good judgment and how ready and speedy you are at taking care of and tackling secrets more than ever. 

The real attractions are its 

- Lockout- A Prison Break Challenge 
- Hurt Locker- A Bomb Diffuse Challenge 
- Cabin in the woods- Murder Mystery 
- Abduction- The Final Hour 

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Address- Kartar Bhawan, Ferozepur Road, Near Punjab Agricultural University Gate No. 1, Ludhiana 
Timing- 11 AM - 11 PM 
Contact- 0161-4670283, 7347660798 

Rooms to gang up your team to unravel the genuine fellowship times and bonding. 

Fun O Sphere 

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The Silver Arc Mall is the most accessible mall and houses a sensational world-Fun O Sphere.The famous destination for birthday parties of toddlers will now have world-class facilities with gleesome style. This shell is decked up with wonderful things and entertainment elements. The spotlight is its 9 Dimensional Virtual Cinema which lets you travel in the virtual world. All you need is to wear the VR glasses and hold the capsule seat for an enthralling experience. 

The major attractions are its 

- Frolicsome 9D Cinema 
- Joyful Space Ride 
- Sportful Softplay 
- Happy-go-lucky Bowling Alleys 

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Address- 2nd Floor, Silver Arc Mall, Ferozepur Road, Gurdev Nagar, Ludhiana
 Timing- 11 AM - 10 PM 
Contact- 0161-4660070, 9803722670 

Sphere to go swishing-smashing to thumb-down the skittles.

Hardy's World Amusement Park

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Hardy's World is a great amusement park with over 20 rides for all age groups. Along with adrenalin-fueled rides, they have a theme park, a separate water park, dining options & live entertainment.

The major attractions are its

- Hardy's Pendulum Ride
- Swing Chairs
- Wave Pool
- Beautiful Green Gardens
-Ice cream Parlor

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Address- Ludhiana–Jalandhar G.T. Road, Ludhiana, Majra Khurd
Timing- 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Contact- +91 161 282 6335

You’re bound to have an awesome time at their jaw dropping, eye ball popping super thrill rides!

Apart from food and clothing, Ludhiana is gearing up and making its quality to be on the rundown of ‘Best Smart City’ by offering world-class adventures and fun activities. From breathtaking Rides to Simulator Cinemas, these fun houses will recreate your fun times full of mirth. 

#Being Adventurous…Get! Set! Go!     
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