The Waves That Follow - Aftermath of Verdict In Tricity

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Tricity had much to endure in the past couple of days. The stalker case did not submerge that the city had to witness a natural calamity-the flood situation. Although much controlled, it had yet to pass the worst of its kind tribulation- the conviction of Chief of Dera Sacha Sauda- Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insaan Ji. 

 While I was going through the much-aired news of the Rape case, my concentration was directed towards elders when they started talking about their experience of the 1984 riots. Though the situations were terrible and horrifying then, little did I know that a part of this would I be acquainted with. 

 The common man’s plight …. 

1. Veggies and Fruits prices soared up 

aftermath of verdict

Due to the curfew conditions, a lot of trucks and carriers were either deported or got stuck in between which leads to the short/no supply of fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes were priced at 100/kg whereas the little red apples were charged at 90/kg. 

This situation did make me realize how essential it was to control my taste buds...Duh !!!!! 

2. Milk it for all it’s worth 

aftermath of verdict

And how could milk lag behind? After veggies and fruits, it was milk which took full advantage of the situation. The milk shops were closed or ran out of supply. Either you had to compromise on the milk of your coffee and tea or the whole milk itself. And this made my nephew happy for a minute….. Whoa !!!! Mother didn’t stalk for that glass of milk. Haha… but made me sad since I wanted my coffee so that I could write this blog… 

That’s when dimaag ki batti jali... the powdered milk and here I am sipping and writing...

3. “Sometimes you’re the train, sometimes you’re the track.” –Luke Bryan

aftermath of verdict

At the same time, nearly 450 trains were canceled and 40 diverted along with termination of bus services. A large number of passengers, including pilgrims returning from the Mata Vaishno Devi shrine, were stranded as train and bus services remained suspended. Thousands of people are camping on the railway station and various other places in the hope of resumption of the trains and buses.

 They teach us that when there is nothing else but hope, you have everything. 

4. Economic Backlash

aftermath of verdict

The after effects of riots are both seen and unseen. Seen in the form of damages caused to public property and unseen in case of economy. Not inciting fear, the riots nervous the tourist and shake the economy at least for a certain period of time. Investors stop investing and tourists stop visiting. But it would not be wrong to say that, the government has done a commendable job by compensating the cost of damage caused, by attaching the Dera properties. 

Good things take time. 

 5. ATM’s and Petrol Pumps not working 

aftermath of verdict

The common man is unable to withdraw money from the ATM or get the fuel tank filled due to their closure followed after the violence by Dera premise. This lead to a shortage of daily needs as people are short of money and ways to commute. Hotels too are facing the brunt as they are running out of the supply of essential items. Also, hotel staff is not able to reach their workplace due to the restrictions. 

 Walk the talk and get yourself reminded about the various benefits of walking. 

6. Curriculum Affected 

aftermath of verdict

Gala time for most of the students, but not for teachers, professors, lecturers, and parents. This sudden closure will keep the educators on toes as they will have to gear up to complete the syllabus on time in such time constraint. Not only would this stress the educator but also students itself. Since the duration to complete and grasp a particular topic would have to be zeroed in. 

 I am sure we are born intelligent .. Aren’t we …..Wink ! 

7. At the Hospital 

aftermath of verdict

At least 250 injured and 30 dead in Panchkula violence after the verdict. Various hospitals were occupied wherein the corridors, emergency doors were stranded with injured bodies and dead people. The common man would not think of visiting the hospital at the first place. Just in case, an unexpected infirmity, one has to visit the hospital, the echo of moaning could scare anybody to death. 

 The hospital staff and management are all devoted to serving their duties. 

8. Candle-lit-dinner

aftermath of verdict

While the electricity was snapped in Haryana and Panchkula, what all was most cherished, were the moments when all the family members came together and sat to have supper. The dinner table that felt lonely and missed the discussion done on him finally that long awaited dream came true. 

Family that eats together, stays together...

aftermath of verdict

Don't let the situation spoil your peace of mind and happiness....
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