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By Muskaan Nagrath
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I wish I had the flawless skin like Kareena Kapoor Khan… Awww… she looks so young even after the delivery… I hate that mark on my skin… How come these celebrities manage to look amazing even after so much pollution and dirt and their constant hectic routines?

Well, the answers to all the above is the various beauty treatments that they undergo at the Beauty clinics.

ahc beauty clinic mohali

Don’t believe me… AHC Beauty & Skin Clinic manages to change people's perception and it’ll blow your mind too.

Take the neighborhood wali aunty, “aunty mat kaho wali ” next door lady or the girl who isn’t getting married just because she has pigmented skin.

Why dire need to care for Skin?

The changes in the external environment like constant exposure to sun rays or internal changes like hormonal imbalance can prove hurtful. The most affected area of the human body is the skin.

ahc beauty clinic mohali

Skin is the foremost thing that anybody who passes by you would notice. The glowing fresh skin turns around those heads and makes you more likable in the crowd.

ahc beauty clinic mohali

Also, your skin health tells more about our intrinsic system whether we have good immune and digestive system or the body has got some flaws…( you don’t want the critics to know that)… and so it’s essential to take care of skin at least when we have got festivals and The Wedding Season approaching.. (Oops... they have already started…)

For some reasons or let’s say due to heredity factors you are unable to control the Hyperpigmentation, or those age spots or you have your wedding ( Really ! then what are you waiting for …) and you wish for the velvety, smooth baby type skin, my dear friend, your wish is our command. AHC Beauty & Skin Clinic is the solution to all your problems.

Notes on AHC Beauty & Skin Clinic

The beauty & skin clinic in Mohali offers various skin treatments that revitalize your skin leaving it to breathe a new life.

ahc beauty clinic mohali

They offer treatments for

-Uneven Skin Complexion (These days mantra- less makeup… so you need that even tone) 
-Anti Ageing (Can’t help but you can revivify)
-Skin Tightening (who likes the loose sagging skin)
-Hyperpigmentation (I advise just rush now…)
-Pimple Marks ( Small yet annoying)
-Dark Circle (Hey girlie… flaunt those eyes…)
-Laugh Line Reduction (You look more stunning without them)
- and embrace yourself with their Bridal Packages (Whoa… finally tension over.. at least they’ll prep me up..)

Still, don’t believe? Here are some photographs wherein people have been treated and the results achieved have boosted their self-esteem to next level. So check them out

ahc beauty clinic mohali
ahc beauty clinic mohali
Skin Fairness
ahc beauty clinic mohali
Hyperpigmentation & Skin Fairness
ahc beauty clinic mohali
Age Spots & Skin Fairness

Skin care is important. I’m stressing out on this because this year Makeup Mantra is “Less Makeup, More Natural Look” and I am sure you don’t want the natural skin to die out since you can’t hide under those heavy foundations and concealers.

Address: H.No. 626, Second Floor, Phase 1, Near Franco Hotel, Mohali
Call: 078144 56456
Hours: 10 AM – 7:30 PM

Website: AHC Beauty & Skin Clinic

Say goodbye to makeup and flaunt the natural you!
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