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AJA Fresh, Grilled & Healthy, cater to the cravings of all the piquant foodies by serving your same favorite dishes on the card with the same zest but at a newly opened capacious outlet at sector 9, offering best of taste under peculiarly setup milieu altogether.

Hipster Vibes & Health Goals

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

The all-new exuberant interiors and flamboyant colors create the perfect surroundings to relish the delish. AJA Fresh Grilled and Healthy provide a congenial and aesthetic atmosphere for consumption. Generously capacious and High-Ceilinged, the place is built by keeping in mind all the needs of the customers. The prepossessing indoors give the feel of Alfresco undeniably. Greens and Greys blended with the hues of Browns is genuinely soothing and appealing. The upholstered interiors of the place also received due recognition in the world’s leading magazine- “Arch Daily”.

Aja Is Doing Delicious With A Dose Of Healthy

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

"Health and Intellect are the two blessings of life". Living moderately, cultivating cheerfulness and maintaining an interest in life are the pre-requisites to soulful living. It is said-‘Eat to live but not live to eat, not to anticipate troubles but live in the moment’. The lifestyle we are enslaved to has beguiled us completely, where almost everything is just a click away. The proclivity towards conventional ‘ways and mores’ are forcing people to succumb to the casual attitude ‘health-wise’ rather than following ‘Wise-Health’ patterns. The lethargic surroundings have paved enough way to mislead us, to make us think of ourselves as ‘Mighty Mortal-beings’ but in reality, we are now no less than an “Indolent Sloth’ if we continue to succumb to the same routine.

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

But with a surge of special diets, it is no secret that the ‘City Beautiful’ is catching up with health trends. With more awareness and mindful realization, people are adapting to changing shifts. Following the up-style inclination, ‘AJA Fresh Grilled and Healthy-Chandigarh’ is now the sensation and synonym for the cafe offering ‘food for the soul’.

Eat Healthy Everyday With Aja

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

Serving modern dishes on the platter with traditionally organic ingredients, the place will leave you with ‘blithe’ and ‘broad’ smiling faces. The ingredients used are fresh, raw, wheat free to let you gorge on without any guilt. The succulent and flavourful dishes cooked with dainty, leafy ingredients and a generous dash of smacking sprinkles will serve you with the best of experience. 

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

Local street food is revamped into healthy gourmet worth all the drool. Delectable tempting, crisp cravings, everything is satiated at AJA Fresh Grilled and Healthy. The preparation is skilfully handled and presentation with equal precision is the reason that it has been awarded ‘Best Healthy Restaurant Award’ consecutively for two years. 

All-New Healthy Menu

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

Indian Gastronomy is distinctive with fundamentals of cooking, the ingredients and general method of preparation setting the guidelines. This peculiarity is taken special care of while making sure to serve the best without any usage of artificial flavors and preservatives. Organic Pizzas, wheat-free Pastas, Burgers, Bowl of Noodles and Zoodles, taste heaven in the mouth.

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

The menu includes ‘skinny snacks with hummus’, ‘Greek Salads’, Lebanese and Moroccan salads’, wraps with ‘Tofu’ and ‘Cottage Cheese’ ‘Baked Falafel’ and ‘Grilled Veggies’ to relish with the choice of sauces like Orange Honey Ginger Sauce, Japanese Teriyaki Sauce and Jamaican Sauce to name few. Everything is just like ‘wholesome goodness served on a platter’ to balance different ‘Rasa’ enriched with herbs and spices. 

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

The Quenchers and Beverages are made either using fresh produce or natural sweeteners. A trail of healthy options is available at AJA Fresh Grilled and Healthy- Freshly pressed juices, organic tea, smoothies, and shakes or Vietnamese Iced Coffee, everything is prepared organically avoiding any artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives in the making. 

aja fresh grilled and healthy chandigarh new location

New Location: AJA Fresh, Grilled & Healthy, SCO 129-131, Madhya Marg, Sector 9C, Chandigarh
Timings: 12:30 pm to 11 pm Onwards
Call: 9888814554 or 98887 88802

The Ancient Vedic texts classify all reality- "Food.... and eaters of food, that's all there is".
S.c.o 129,130, 131, Madhya Marg, Sector 9, C, Chandigarh 160009
Aja - Chandigarh Address
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