Aloha - How This Chandigarh Based Startup Aspires To Challenge Uber & Ola Monopoly

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Tricity has witnessed the highest cab trend lately. Though there are various cab services, a confusion stays on regarding which cab to choose and whom to rely on. 

The baggage of apprehensions accumulates which usually goes unnoticed. But somewhere in the Tricity, an inquisitive mind was keeping a close check on these shortcomings and preparing itself to present his ideal cab service to the world.

We at Shoutlo, proudly present you Mr. Siddhant Bansal, the Founder of Aloha. 

The cabs that believe in delivering smiles. 

aloha cabs chandigarh based startup

Impressed by his audacity to go against the flow and still be gutsy to fight the battle, we at ShoultLo wanted to dig deep to know his story, so our Team interviewed him.

Team Shoutlo- Hello Siddhant, How are you?
Siddhant- I am good. How are you?

Team Shoutlo- We are going great! And glad to have you between us. SayAloha has been the buzzword around. People are counting on you as it's evident from the smile that they wear after the Aloha drive.
So, tell us more about Aloha.
Siddhant- Well, a big thank you for considering me and I appreciate you regarding the same. 
Talking about Aloha, commuting has always been an integral part of our lives. Reaching out to loved ones or destinations safely and securely is what makes us book a cab. Cabs are the first choice when it comes to commuting.
The trust that people have on cab services majorly led to the birth of Aloha.

aloha cabs chandigarh based startup

Team Shoutlo- We have known that you belong to an Arts background. What inspired you to jump into this technical field?
SiddhantComing from an Arts background, my non-technical mind always craved for knowledge and yearned to perform better. The motivation to work for the society, the satisfaction of making people's cab experience astounding is my driving force.

Team ShoutLo- What makes Aloha different from other cab services?
SidhantAloha differs from others because... 

*Aloha drivers drive their passion and take the responsibility to give you the best of the cab experience.
*Aloha guarantees to keep drivers happy. So, you might not have to ride with an agitated driver.
*Aloha drivers are on-boarding drivers who drive their own cars that give the nation the security from any mishap. 
*Aloha keep the safety at the forefront.
*Aloha ensure to provide your Grannies and Grandpas' a comfortable ride.
*Aloha will revolutionize the pricing of your commutes. Cheaper than any other operators.

After talking for hours, we came to know that he dropped down Uber’s luxurious package of 45 Lakhs, to stand shoulder to shoulder and give a tough fight to his competitors- Uber and Ola.

aloha cabs chandigarh based startup

Not only has he tailored Aloha but is also an inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs, who due to some reasons have put their passion and hopes at the back seat. 

And we are not saying all this just for the sake of saying but because Aloha renders services that others just stamp to deliver, but somewhere fail to deliver the same. 

Last but not the least, making your drive beautiful isn't everybody's cup of tea. But with tycoons like Siddhant, who keep the customers over business set an example thereby winning the hearts of people. 

Signing off for now... 

We look forward to you for an amazing cab experience and many stories that fruit on your journey. 

Don't forget to follow Siddhant Bansal, the self-made 24-years old tycoon & Facebook Page of Aloha:

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