Healthy and Natural Alternatives of Harmful Sleeping Pills

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Sleeping on time and taking enough sleep these days is a luxury. Due to the hectic and stressful schedules trying to shut eyes becomes an arduous task. Our eating habit affects our sleep. Nor do we eat on time neither the right food. Junk food has filled our whole body with junk like fat, cholesterol, etc. Scientific studies have proved that if a man does not sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day then the chances of dying increases. It causes untimely death, you might be fit and fine, you eat on time and also go to a gym, but a sleep deprived body is very harmful to your precious life.

We take help of sleeping pills which might assist us but with some serious side effects. You harm your body in a way which you cannot even think off. You can suffer from amnesia in which people walk in sleep. You might feel drowsy even after sleeping for six to seven hours. The evil pills can lead to a heart attack, cause cancer, and an early death. It can also develop Alzheimer's disease.

There are particular nature's gifts which will let you sleep peacefully and on time.

The Healthy alternatives to sleeping pills:

1. Boiled Eggs

alternatives of sleeping pills

Do you suddenly wake at three in the morning and crave food? This is because the sugar level in your body drops. If you eat a boiled egg before going to sleep, then this problem won't happen. The egg is full of protein and can maintain the sugar level in your body till you are sleeping.

2. Cereal

alternatives of sleeping pills

It does not mean that you should have a huge bowl of cereal with milk and sugar. But you can instead have a small bowl of whole-grain cereal. The carbohydrate rich foods help in releasing tryptophan which enables you to sleep.

3. Broccoli

alternatives of sleeping pills

The fibre in your diet is essential. It not only helps you to stay up and active all day long but also lets you rest. Foods like Beans, broccoli, berries, etc. are a must in your diet.

4. Dairy Products

alternatives of sleeping pills

Since childhood, our moms have forced us to drink a glass of milk and then go to sleep. Well, that habit has science behind it. Milk contains calcium which helps in stabilizing stress levels in our body. When your mind and body is at ease, then you definitely will fall asleep.

5. Banana

alternatives of sleeping pills

Banana is very high in potassium and magnesium which helps our muscles relax and bring our body at ease. It also contains tryptophan which we already know that helps in snoozing. This is the easiest way out, right?

6. Oatmeal

alternatives of sleeping pills

A small bowl of oatmeal acts as an energy booster which helps the smooth regulation of blood in your body and thus relaxes your body. It is full of nutrients like calcium, silicon, phosphorus, etc. The regular oatmeal is not so tasty, but you can add bananas, strawberries or any other fruit to enhance its taste.

7. Tea

alternatives of sleeping pills

Chamomile tea or green tea both are beneficial in letting you sleep. They contain theanine which is like a sleep booster. Drink a hot cup of tea before going to sleep and see the magic. Here we are talking about tea and caffeine. Please keep this in mind.

8. Cherries

alternatives of sleeping pills

Cherries contain melatonin which is very helpful for the insomniac people. A glass of fresh cherry juice is not only delicious but healthy as well.

9. Almonds

alternatives of sleeping pills

We are familiar with the qualities that an almond has. This nut is very high in magnesium which helps your body relax. It also helps in maintaining sugar levels in the body and also improves digestion. Make this your bedtime snack.

If nature creates a problem then it also has the solution. We just have to be calm and patiently find them out. Sleeping pills can help you for a short term and can push you towards a long-term problem. But these natural items might take some time but eventually, they will start working. Natural items are always helpful in some or the other way. Rather than popping those harmful sleeping pills, eat the above-mentioned items, even if they don't work they won't harm you either. 

We term 'nature' as our 'mother' because it is always there to nourish us in every possible way.

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