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In a cosmos where people appreciate quality over quantity -The New Wellness Hub of Vizag - Antique Premium Day Spa is up to the grade to revitalize your life. 

Spas are progressively blossoming, attributable to their comprehensive nature. And this spa provides the cutting edge facilities to resuscitate your spirit. 

It's the sort of extravagance that you have longed for, to give you a chance to slacken, inundate in the lap of nature and sway you to luxuriate your mind-soul-body and get mesmerized by the uniqueness of this place. 

Antique Premium Day Spa 

It is indeed an exquisite Spa you’ll ever visit. True to its name, The Antique Spa being best spa in Vizag, is exclusively curated that overwhelms your senses and invigorates your instinct. 

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

You can’t deny the charm and grandeur of the captivating Thai statues that adorn the spot to bring out life to this place. The Alms Bowl and the arms bent statue represent empathy and well-being of human beings. The Antique Premium Day Spa is deeply rooted and harbors an abiding love for wellness and care of its kin.

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

The elegantly posed statues invite you the Indian way with a "Namaste" in an endeavor to offer the best luxurious spa experience. Walk into this splendid mineral spring and get amazed by its stylistic layout.

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

Chocolate brown walls and wooden panels make way to the relaxing rooms that assist you to unwind and relax. 

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

The walls delicately curated and exquisitely hung with auric drapes lead you to the root of peacefulness and serenity. It is the biggest Spa in the town which has around 12 rooms with the separate shower facility. Their couple spa rooms are a smart thought for a honeymoon getaway or escape the mundane routine and enjoy quality time with the accomplice.

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

Upscale Treatments 

Get Facial treatments to reverse those aging cells or get profound rinse by their peeling facials. The estheticians will analyze and observe your skin type and accordingly treat it and leave you with a soothe and nourishing skin.

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

The Body Treatments condition your body for an inexplicable flow of energy across the vital components. Feel empowered as the muscles are altogether outfitted to return to the schedule.

Just The Right Touch 

Have the marvels of a comforting massage by their Thai and North-East professional therapists that welcome you with a generous grin. Designed according to an individual’s needs and comforts, The Antique Spa provides an array of massages that are profoundly fulfilling and restoring. 

Honor yourself with a duvet day and savor their best services which are- 

-The Full Body Aromatherapy Massage- Get the therapeutic benefits of fragrant essential oils 
-Full Body Deep Tissue Massage- Intensive pressure technique to deeply relax the layers 
-Full Body Swedish Massage – Boost the oxygen level and detoxify 
-Full Body Thai and Foot Massage- Enliven the massage culture of Thailand 

Where excellence is a tradition, and your wellness is of supreme importance, the Antique Premium Day Spa offers the best of services at alluring deals

Call now for attractive offers & Membership deals. 

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam

To enjoy and receive the richness of services, book an appointment and reach 15 minutes prior. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for the instructions from the attendees around there. 

Appreciate and experience the extravagance to spoil yourself and step into this Paradise of Beauty and Wellness. 

Visit-D/NO. 9-30-1,3rd floor, Balaji Nagar, Siripuram Junction, Opp. Datta Highland, Above PMJ JEwellers, Opp. More Super Mart, Visakhapatnam

For Booking Appointment: Call +91 98190 22814
                                                                  +91 98190 22815

antique beauty and wellness spa visakhapatnam
A haven of tranquillity and serenity to engage you for an enthralling experience... 
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