Satiate Your Craving With These Handsdown & Awesome Cafes In Bangalore

By Karishma Drabla
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Do you know what encourages the spirit of creativity and community? It is the cafe culture that’s mushrooming in India. Whilst on one hand, going to a cafe is a perfect way to socialize and have fun, on other, it is a superlative way to have a break from work and grab a much-needed coffee along with finger-licking fare for all the foodies.

Well, the Garden City, Bangalore, has proudly held the role of being pub city but now there’s a lot more than the drinking scene in the town. The theme-based cafes ranging from al fresco to old-style with spectacular decor has thrown out some vibrant culture in Bangalore and has made the city even cooler.

Check out some best cafes in Bangalore - the Garden City, choose any of them and regret never ever.

Atta Galatta

satiate your craving with these handsdown awesome cafes in bangalore

Being touted as a bookstore previously, Atta Galatta has now risen to fame as bookstore-turned-cafe. Based in Koramangala, this cafe is widely known as readers’ paradise that serves one of the best coffees and baked goodies in the town. Those who are in forage for a relaxing book cafe, this place is apt for all of them. You can enjoy reading while sipping your coffee along with a muffin maybe!

Location: 134, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bistro Claytopia

satiate your craving with these handsdown awesome cafes in bangalore

Bistro Claytopia is famous among all those who love al fresco seating and want to enjoy a candlelit evening altogether. What makes this cafe a little different from others is its idea of offering a past time of molding and painting clay until the order arrives. Well, by this, you can have a look of creativity in you and can explore your hidden part. If you visit this place, do try their kickass burgers and coffee hazelnut.

Location: 11, 80 Feet Road, Next to SBI, Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore

Cafe Noir

satiate your craving with these handsdown awesome cafes in bangalore

If you are in Bengaluru, you ought to pay a visit to Cafe Noir. Located in the UB city, this fabulous cafe is more than what a traditional cafe encompasses. Astounding ambiance, terrace/ rooftop seating, humble staff, elite French gourmet delicacies and make this place a must-go French cafeteria for all the couples out there in the city.

Location: 2nd Floor, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Corner House

satiate your craving with these handsdown awesome cafes in bangalore

To keep it short, I would say - It would have been harsh if I would have left this bistro out of the list. Though Corner house may look like your next-door ice-cream parlor, this paradise takes the delight of having scoops of ice-creams to completely next level. The most highlighted treat one can relish from the menu includes Death-By-Chocolate (DBC). This ice-cream chocolate combo paired with nuts and cherries is just too blissful to handle. Oh, my foodgasms!

Om Made Cafe

satiate your craving with these handsdown awesome cafes in bangalore

Based in the silent corner of the ever-bustling Koramangala 5th Block, Om Made Cafe offers the tranquillity that every soul in today’s world craves for. The airy rooftop seating, given the Bangalore’s utopian weather, makes the experience a sheer delight. Visit this place on a summer evening and you will be amazed by the solitude the perfect blend of breezy air and sun rays you are bound to offer you at that point in time. And the gastronomic fare is the cherry on the cake on your visit.

Location: 136, Rooftop, Above Gold's Gym, 1st Cross, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

Green Theory

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Green Theory is one such place that although being in the center of Bangalore has managed to keep itself away from the always the ever buzzy crowd and environment. Being a 100% vegetarian cafe makes this place one of the popular bistros. From multiple seating to eclectic menu options to greenery all around, Green Theory is a perfect spot to hang out and relax. The menu features the delicious Oreo Cheesecake, worth dying for!

Location: 15, Convent Road, Off Residency Road, Residency Road, Bangalore


satiate your craving with these handsdown awesome cafes in bangalore

A bungalow turned a two-story cafe is a hit among pizza lovers. Onesta is widely known for its perfect offerings of pizzas and the delicious toppings on them. Laid back ambiance, wallet-friendly menu, twinkling lights, rustic decor, authentic Italian dishes – all at one place i.e. Onesta. What else could you ask for? Go and hit up the place if you are in Bangalore.

Location: 562, 8th Main, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore

What Next? Go, get up and spend your evening at one of these awesome Bangalore cafes!
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