Be A Tourist In Your Own City

By Zufeen Khan
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Don’t let low budget spoil your vacay plans. Make these days memorable by planning a ‘staycation’!

Yes! How about being a tourist in your own city? It might sound a little ridiculous considering how you are a know-it-all person about your own city, but it is worth a shot. You will get to see and explore things from a new perspective. Here are a few tips for your local expedition:

1. Stay at a Hotel/Motel: Don’t think of it as your own city, and keep your stay at home. No, you’re tourists here. Get a good hotel/motel booked, as your budget allows and stay there. Even if you’re not very positive about the places to visit in the city, a good or maybe lavish stay at a good place is sure to give you a refreshing feel, working in favor of your stay-cation!

be a tourist in your own city

2. Guide-friend: You must have this thing constantly in the back of your mind that “This is my city, I've visited the same hangout places for my entire life!” Try to drop this thought for once and give your city a chance. Ask one of your friends to take you for a tour in the city. You never know you might get to see a few things so new that might fill your soul and give you a whole new point of view with regard to your city.

be a tourist in your own city

3. Move around differently: Yes you might own a vehicle and have friends to take you around the city, but don’t forget that you’re a tourist! Move around in a local bus, take cabs, walk the pavements, chill in the parks when tired, stand on the bridge across the river. You might be surprised by what your city has in store for you, unexplored by you till now.

be a tourist in your own city

4. Lavish meals: Have dinner at the most expensive restaurant in your town, try a different cuisine, or just grab a meal from the most famous drive-away food joint. You’re on a vacation! Ditch your diet chart and look around at all the delicacies to binge on! When you will review the vacation at the end of the trip, you’ll be glad you gave this idea a chance.

be a tourist in your own city

5. Cheesy selfies and photos: Yes, yes, you already have a lot of photos at the same places, but you are on a fun trip! Take as many photos as you can. Take cheesy selfies with the monuments, the welcome sign of your city, and figurines on the street at the central city area and what not! You’ll surely need photographs to look back at such a unique and crazy trip!

be a tourist in your own city

6. Outdoor-ing: You can always go for a one-day trip in the outdoors of your city. Do some adventure sports, have a bonfire etc. This is a good option and can be considered in case your city doesn't have too many tourist spots and sightseeing to offer. Outdoor trips are also pocket-friendly, and so you have fun within your small budget.

be a tourist in your own city

This crazy, funny but fun-filled idea is sure to give you a bundle full of memories and will allow you to live a few moments like never before, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Happy Vacay!
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