8 Best Alternative Of Potato Chips

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Potato chips the most common salty snack loved by everyone were invented during the Civil War by George Crum.  The world spends a fortune on these crunchy wafers. It can get along with us in any kind of occasion and situation. From birthday parties to break up parties, movies to picnics, we need it everywhere. Though potato chips have a lot of calories and lead to a lot of weight gain but who cares, we love it and we will eat it. But wait what if I tell you that the healthy synonyms of these chips are there, then what will you do? Yes, you heard me right, below mentioned are a healthy alternative to the irresistible snack. The plus point is the alternatives are readily available, and you can find them in any general store. Don't worry they are as delicious as our potato chips.

Healthy alternatives to Potato chips:

#1. Apple Chips

best alternative of potato chips

I am not joking. Yes, you read it right Baked apple slices. You seriously need to try them at least once, they are mouth watering. The taste of apple changes into something more delicious when the moisture is fully removed from the slices. You can easily make them at home. They are full of fibre, and Vitamin C. Sprinkle some sugar power on the top and enjoy. If you planning snacks for a weekend trip then do consider these as well.

#2. Taro Chips

best alternative of potato chips

This is potato's sibling. It is a staple of Hawaii Island. People extensively harvest it. It is the cheapest alternative. It is root vegetable which is very healthy and full of fibre and has less fat. You can compare them to the baked version of lays potato chips. After baking these purple root vegetables turn into stellar chips. Hmm, now it more clear I guess.

#3. Sweet Potato Chips

best alternative of potato chips

Sweet Potatoes are a very healthy alternative, and so are its chips. They are very light, sweet, creamy, and flavorful. The chips are delicious with Vitamin 1 and manganese. The greasy and salty taste makes them super yummy. The healthier option is to make them at home. They help in strengthening our immune system. You can combine them with sandwiches and burgers.

#4. Kale Chips

best alternative of potato chips

Green veggies are anyway the most healthy vegetables of all. Full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Kale chips are delicious snacks to have. They are slightly expensive but are worth the expense. If we compare it to others, then it doesn't taste much good but since when did healthy things started to taste good? But trust me if you have one then you will not be able to control yourself.

#5. Plantain Chips

best alternative of potato chips

They are addictively delicious. They are commonly a part of Cuban Cuisine. It is a gluten-free snack. Sprinkle them with some spices at your home and see the magic. It enhances its taste more. They are fat-free, Voila! They come in various flavours like mango, strawberry, pineapple, etc. They are low in sodium but contain a lot of fibre. They also provide some essential nutrients to our body. The best snack for your outdoor parties.

#6. Soy Crisps

best alternative of potato chips

It is one of the best gluten free snacks. They are light, has less fat and also has fewer calories. It is full of iron and thus it works as an energy booster for your body. They might look like potato chips but they are made with soy flour. They come in many flavours among the most loved are barbecue and caramel. It is neither too salty nor too sweet. I personally like the sweet chilli flavour.

#7. Tomato Chips

best alternative of potato chips

Mr. Potato chips please take some rest we have substitutes for you. The best alternatives which you can make at home when there are uninvited guests. Tomato chips can be best enjoyed with mozzarella cheese. Tomatoes are perfect for the skin they help the skin to radiate and glow. They are full of Vitamin A, C and K.

#8. Mushroom Chips

best alternative of potato chips

These oven-baked chips will make you forget the potato chips. They are equally crunchy and savoury! They are very healthy because they are cooked with avocado oil. The pepper adds stars to its lip-smacking taste. Mushroom fulfil the deficiency of iron and protein in our body. A bowl of lip-smacking snacks.

Say bye bye to potato chips as its healthy competition is in front of you now. So pass your time now in a healthy way. 
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