Best Bakeries In Shimla For Delicious Breads, Cookies And Cakes!

By Zufeen Khan
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In a world full of food choices, nothing satiates better than cakes and bakes!
Age is no bar, and nor is the availability, cravings can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime! On this note, we take care and provide you the best bakeries in Shimla; in case you’re planning to spend the coming days in the hills, or if you want to cut the cake on the New Year!

City Point Bakery

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One of the oldest shops in the hill city, these guys offer amazingly yummy pastries.
They serve cakes, soups, snacks, and other fast food as well. Fabulous and fresh ingredients served with warmth and love will make this place of among your favorites!
Address: 1, The Mall, Shimla

Just Baked By Tripti

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A unique and one of its kind cakery shop. It caters its services online too- nothing less than a blessing in the hills! They delivery cakes at your doorstep, personalize your gifts, and are really affordable!
Address: 5-6, Lakkar Bazar, Shimla

Trishool Bakers

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With an extraordinary offering of cakes, pastries, bread, patties and other snacks; these guys are forever favorites of the locals too! They are very famous for pastries that are uber soft, and mushrooms patties that melt in the mouth right away! Aren’t you tempted to try them?
Address: The Mall Road, Shimla


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Famous for their fast food, these guys make lip-smacking cakes and bread! Setup in such a prime location of the town, these guys have a cute little café and offer super-fast and heartwarming services. Delicacy personified!

Address: 11 Road, Scandal Point, The Mall, Shimla

Café Under Tree

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Beautiful and relaxing ambience, friendly staff, palatable food, and affordable prices. What else do we need? View of the hills, and a calm place to chill at! These guys offer a variety of snacks, along with delicious cakes and cakeries.
Address: 1, Jakhoo Road, Bemloi, Shimla

Pink Petals

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Enjoy a peaceful morning breakfast in the hills at the Pink Petals. Relish the many variety of breads, and cakes they offer. Serenity paired with good food is indeed a combination one will look forward to. Don’t you agree?
Address: HP University, Summer Hill, Shimla

Sai Tara – The Eggless Cake Shop

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As the name suggests, these guys specialize in making eggless cakeries for their visitors! Decorated intricately, and with mouth-watering variety to offer, these guys are very famous for the chocolate pastries, and brownies. Don’t forget to give them a try on your next visit!
Address: Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla

Café Sol

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A cozy and warm ambience, with a lavish approach. The food and cakes offered are top notch here! Variety of snacks, breads, cakes, and pastries offered by these guys will make sure you never forget their excellent services!
Address: Opposite Tourism Lift, The Mall Road, Shimla

Well, we don't need reasons to eat cake, do we? Food, cakes, and bakes especially will keep us united!

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