Best Bars In JP Nagar Bangalore To Lift Your Mood Instantly

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Who doesn’t love going out on weekends? Apparently, there would be hardly anybody who tries skipping weekend nights and those thirst-quenching drinks. Ask the joy of sipping the favorite drink from a spirit-seeker and you’ll be left with surprise after knowing their happiness quotient. Well, do not take us otherwise; we are just talking about drinking in limits and only on weekends!

And perhaps, it is truly given: Every great story begins in a bar!

Yes, you got us right. We are talking about some of the best bars in your city, Bangalore. Although you might know Bangalore aka Bengaluru, the Garden City of India has the highest number of pubs and bars and is particularly known to have some of the best places to have a pint of beer remorselessly, somehow you might have missed checking out one of the famous yet good bars in the town. So, check out this list of best bars in JP Nagar Bangalore (in case, if you have missed out any) and make sure you visit them once.


best bars in jp nagar bangalore

High on energy, this microbrewery gives you all the feel that you need to relax and revive your energy after a working day. Brewsky offers amazing yet rustic rooftop seating ambiance that you can enjoy while sipping on the premium craft beer paired with Nachos or Chicken wings. Must try is Ale Beer and Chicken Roulade. You can also dig in your teeth in continental and American cuisines. So, all the beer enthusiasts, if you have missed out visiting this place, do visit once.

Location: 55, 5th Floor, Goenka Chambers, 19th Main Road, Jeewan Griha Colony, Phase 2, JP Nagar, Bangalore

The Yellow Submarine

best bars in jp nagar bangalore

If you happen to be at this place, all you can do is eat as much as your gut allows you to have and drink as much as your soul permits to consume. The Yellow Submarine is more than a beer deck and fine dining option for all the boozers and fun-loving people in the Bangalore. Based on a Submarine theme and located at Bannerghatta Road, this place is shortly gonna open its brewery for all the brewed beer lovers. For the menu, do not miss their Barbecued pork ribs and freshly baked bread.

Location: 4th Floor, 448 Big Bazaar Building, SRK Towers, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Hakuna Matata

best bars in jp nagar bangalore

While offering a subtle ambiance, Hakuna Matata turns out to be a good option to enjoy weekend evenings in a group or with the partner. This amazing family resto bar tries to catering the needs of Bangalore folks while giving up an extensive and exclusive food options to choose from. Along with the refreshing ambiance, this place does not deny to please all the tipplers with their assorted bar menu. Moreover, live music performances conducted add to the glory of the evenings undoubtedly.

Location: 1231/35/2, 24th Main, 7th Phase, Opposite Brigade Palm Springs, JP Nagar, Bangalore


best bars in jp nagar bangalore

Being one of the pocket-friendly bars, Stories holds the reputation of serving the best-mixed cocktails and spirits that too on a budget-friendly fare. The cuisines that highlight its menu are Continental and North Indian that are sure to make you crave to visit this place more often. What’s even more captivating is its rooftop arrangement that will make you relish the cool breeze with your date under the starry skies!

Location: 15, 24th Main Road, 1st Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore

55 Wallstreet Bar & Kitchen

best bars in jp nagar bangalore

If you are a huge fan of sports and always love to enjoy your favorite sport while sipping out beer or any other drink then this place is for you. Known to be a funky lounge cum bar that manages to attract the energetic crowd of Bengaluru, 55 Wallstreet Bar & Kitchen has almost 32 HD large screens for all to enjoy sports screening while savoring a decent variety of Sheeshas and multi-cuisine menu.

Location: 55, 2nd Floor, Goenka Chambers, 19th Main Road, Outer Main Road, JP Nagar, Bangalore

Casa Piccosa

best bars in jp nagar bangalore

Thinking of where to spend this Saturday night? Well, fret not as we have a perfect suggestion for you and that’s Casa Piccosa. The mind-blowing cocktails, live music and authentic dishes served by this fine dining restaurant cum bar will let you have a soul-satisfying taste effortlessly. And you know what the USP of Casa Piccosa is? Well, it is their unique Mesoamerican style of preparing Spanish dishes. I’m sure you will regret if not visited this place.

Location: 745/AB, 2nd Floor, Shravanee Square, 24th Main, 15th cross, 6th Phase, JP Nagar, South Bangalore

Once Upon a Rooftop

best bars in jp nagar bangalore

Once Upon a Rooftop, you had a beer and since then you visited that place more often. Well, on a serious note, true to its name, this rooftop restaurant throws in a bewildering experience for all the night lovers. The serene view accompanied by the artistic ambiance and aesthetically done the menu, followed by the wide-variety of drinks that this place promises to offer will leave you begging for more. If you need a breezy getaway, come here and unfurl yourself.

Location: 278/A, 9th Main Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, South Bangalore

The Underpass Pub & Grub

best bars in jp nagar bangalore

Known for throwing a typical bar ambiance while offering decent bar food including various cuisines, The Underpass Pub & Grub is one of a kind of bars that you can hop on to in the JP Nagar vicinity. While you can have an amazing nightlife, the outdoor seating lounge can give you a never-before dining experience.

Location: 610, 15th Cross, 100 Feet Ring Road, JP Nagar, South Bangalore


best bars in jp nagar bangalore

A casual dining come bar with more than rustic ambiance, Chavadi is a trendy spot among the people of Bangalore. This place is not only recognized for its delectable Continental dishes but for also being a romantic dining place for the couples out there. Enjoy the fine wine and dine with your love and have a memorable time.

Location: 4, Sarvabhouma Nagar, Bannerghatta Road, South Bangalore

Makes sure that you visit any of these bars and enjoy your drinks this weekend!
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