Brew, Enjoy, Empty, Repeat At The Best Breweries In Ludhiana

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Happy times call for a lager and when you have your companions, coming to you for whatever the reason, the best home base is to prepare for the Beer! Famous poets, novelist and yes, even the philosophers vow oneself to Beer. Somebody admirably cited that great individuals drink Beer and you'll concur with me that Beer is the goddamn good thing. 

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Friends turn family when they meet over a pint of beer. And the surroundings translate itself into a whole new world of love and enjoyment. You can’t stop wanting for more when you head to these places for your Beer fever and the places that give your senses a blowout are recorded beneath. 

So here are the best breweries in Ludhiana where you can have a great time chugging and chatting!

Underdoggs Brewery & Kitchen

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Underdoggs conveyed life to the Flamez Mall and additionally illuminated many grins on Ludhianvis. The most sweltering and event place of the town, Underdoggs revere itself in your memory for its voguish style and character. Get a kick out of their DecemBEER Festival until Dec 23rd and welcome the Christmas and New Year in your way.

Location- Flamez Mall, Malhar Cinema Rd, Gurdev Nagar 
Timings- Noon - 01:00 AM 

F Bar Brewery and Lounge 

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F Bar gets more sizzling and stunning step by step since its introduction. This sensational place is at the forefront of everyone's thoughts as they grasp you with the best of the DJ's and glittering events. You would hover over its vivacious climate and stylistic theme. Go ahead and remember to wear heels that let you bust a groove. 

Location- 9th floor, Pavilion Mall 
Timings - Noon till Midnight 

Smaaash Café and Brewpub 

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This stomping ground is more noteworthy than the total of its part. Lager combined with exciting recreations adds up to a dangerous mix and Smaash fills in as a tonic for your well being. Experience the rush and twists of Virtual Reality by Walking the Plank, the Art of Attack and virtual Cricket. Snatch the understudy offers and their hot arrangements for a sensational time. 

Address- 2nd Floor, MBD Neopolis Mall 
Timings- 11 AM to 11 PM 

Brew Haus

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The dynamic Kipps Market has gotten a lively distillery with an all-new porch in its specialty. The Brew Haus is back with a blast to give you a chance to have a decent time and taste joy. The open porch gives you a celebrate good times under the lap of the sky.Prefer the open patio over the indoor seating and be a happy camper.

Address- Main Market, Sarabha Nagar 
Timings-11 AM – 11 PM 

Beer Café 

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Another bottling work that offers a glimmering background is the Beer Café which is the largest Beer Chain in the world is stationed in the Pavilion Mall. The inconspicuous insides with a trace of yellow, light up the earth and indulge you in a never forgetting experience. The Beer coolers augment your retina and will without a doubt ruin you for the decisions. 

Address- 4th Floor, R 3, Pavilion Mall, Fountain Chowk, Civil Lines 
Timings- 11 AM to Midnight 

Welcome to the universe of the brew for an astounding Lager-licious treatment…!
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