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Restaurants Serving Buffet In Chandigarh You Shouldn't Miss Dining In!

Restaurants Serving Buffet In Chandigarh You Shouldn't Miss Dining In!

Whoever said that good food leads you to good mood has spent their lives right! Food is an excellent way of communication. You’re sad- eat, happy-eat, angry-eat, bored? Eat! Food is the only thing that’ll keep you happy!
And though you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food, but a sorted list of the best buffet restaurants in Chandigarh to binge on won’t hurt!

Urban Cafe - Hyatt

Urban Cafe   Hyatt

An urban, chic and elegant ambience welcomes you as you step into the lavish Urban Cafe by Hyatt Regency. Known for serving the best breakfast buffet in Chandigarh, Urban Cafe boasts about being different from other restaurants and ensures that your dining experience is one-of-a-kind. The expert chefs curate a menu that brings forth a lavish spread of starters, salads, soups, main course and desserts that together make for a sumptuous buffet. If you are looking to splurge on a date with beau in an urban and uber-cool setting, then Urban Cafe by Hyatt Regency is your muse.

Cafe 17 - Taj Chandigarh

Cafe 17   Taj Chandigarh

Amongst the renowned 5-star restaurants in Chandigarh that serve a lavish buffet, Cafe 17 at Taj Chandigarh is the most loved restaurant serving North Indian buffets in Chandigarh. Cafe 17 serves food connoisseurs with a sumptuous spread of Continental and Italian dishes and a rich array of mouth-watering Indian dishes that will make you drool. The All-day dining cafe at Taj Chandigarh is quite vibrant and resonates a chic charm that will leave you spellbound.

Masala Grill - The Cove

Masala Grill   The Cove

With a rich and royal decor, Masala Grill by Cove is a restaurant in Chandigarh that serves a lavish and luxurious buffet that will give you the freedom to binge as much as you like. Their buffet includes soup, 6 types of salads, 2 raitas, 6 vegetarian and 4 non-vegetarian starters, 11 main course dishes, 2 types of rice, noodles, pasta and 5 types of dessert. Woah! Already feeling full? We bet you do! With such a lavish spread that is loaded with drool-worthy and exotic flavors, Masala Grill By Cove is your best bet, when looking for a buffet in Chandigarh that is priced quite decently!

The Cafe - JW Marriott

The Cafe   JW Marriott

One of the most luxurious and lavish 5-star hotels in Chandigarh, JW Marriott boasts about 2 of its most amazing restaurants that serve the best buffet in town. Saffron is among the best restaurants that serve food connoisseurs with North Indian delicacies in the form of a lavish buffet in Chandigarh. With its warm interiors and an upscale vibe, this restaurant is perfect for those who love to gorge on authentic Indian flavors. However, if you dig a more casual setting but in the form of a buffet, the Cafe at JW Marriott is your muse. Serving the best breakfast buffets in Chandigarh, the cafe at JW Marriott will remind you of a serene and quiet dining experience. To satiate your hunger, head over to these buffet restaurants in Chandigarh!

The Great Kabab Factory

The Great Kabab Factory

Known for serving an authentic Mughlai and North Indian Buffet, The Great Kabab Factory In Chandigarh is pretty popular among the fans of Awadhi cuisines. As you can guess from their name, they serve a lavish buffet in Chandigarh that includes a huge variety of kebabs and authentic main course dishes that will remind you of the traditional flavors from Punjab and Sindh. With a rich and royal decor that creates a picturesque dining experience, The Great Kabab Factory brings forth a sumptuous buffet that is quite different from many other restaurants in the city and will surely leave every foodie satiated!

Captain Sam's

Captain Sam's

Bringing forth the concept of a Pizza buffet to please the foodies of Chandigarh, Captain Sam or Sam’s Pizza is a restaurant that is surely changing the dining norms. At this restaurant, you can delve into a delicious and scrumptious buffet that serves unlimited varieties of salads, soups, garlic bread and pizzas along with amazing beverages to satiate your hunger. Priced competitively, this buffet in Chandigarh is among the value for money spreads. Go ahead and give this Italian buffet restaurant in Chandigarh a try!

Salad Bar

Salad Bar

One of the oldest and most trusted brands of restaurants serving buffet in Chandigarh, Salad Bar by Hot Millions is surely a perfect place for those who love to gorge on good food within a budget. Priced between INR 400 to 700, Salad Bar in Chandigarh serves a buffet that is worth every penny spent. With a huge array of Continental, Chinese and North Indian dishes, their buffet serves everything and each dish is loaded with authentic flavors. Simple yet elegant ambience, quick service, and comfortable seating is a highlight of this restaurant in Chandigarh. If your family and you want to enjoy a good meal without breaking the bank, then the buffet at Salad Bar is your muse!

Flavours - Hometel

Flavours   Hometel

To appease the gourmands in Chandigarh, Flavours at Hotel Hometel serves a lavish buffet that includes delicious and drool-worthy delicacies from cuisines like North Indian, Chinese and Continental. With a vibrant and posh ambience that resonates a sense of peace and serenity, this restaurant serving buffet in Chandigarh is perfect for those who like to enjoy a quiet meal. The best thing is that the price of the buffet fits everyone's budget like a glove and doesn't dig a hole in your pocket!

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani

As the name suggests, pure and authentic Rajasthani food right in your thali! Chokhi Dhani offers a lavish and authentic dining experience at Sangri-The Dining Hall with their Royal Rajasthani Thali. Authentic Rajasthani food cooked in desi ghee is famous for its sheer size, mouth-watering aroma, and drool-worthy taste. Satiate your cravings with Daal baati churma paired with missi roti and variety of Rajasthan's tastiest curries that are filled with Dry fruits, spices, and yogurt.

Buffet Lounge - Hotel KLG International

Buffet Lounge   Hotel KLG International

You can indulge in all types of cuisines at HOTEL KLG International, as it houses Buffet Lounge - a multi-cuisine restaurant with a menu of the good, old and evergreen dishes as well as the contemporary ones from Indian, Chinese, Pan-Asian, and Continental. A cozy bar where you can relax and put your mind to rest with a variety of cocktails and spirits to choose from. Avail special discount on buffet prices.

Treat them on these amazing food joints! Let us know if we missed a few places!

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