Try The Best Milkshakes In Chandigarh - Bubble Gum, Red Velvet, Spice Surprise And More!

By Abhilasha Sidana
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Chandigarh has quite the reputation of being a foodie’s paradise. Arguably, the city has lots to offer in terms of gourmet cuisine and food delights. In this article, however, we’d like to steer your focus to the varieties of great milkshakes you can devour here. Besides, people of Chandigarh and those that have visited heartily vouch for the lineup of great milkshakes available in many food joints and cafes all across the city. We give you a lowdown of the best places that are well-known for the milkshakes they serve to customers. Sidebar: don’t blame us if you’re spoilt for choice. Just saying! Best Places for Milkshakes in Chandigarh:

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