A Meal Under Stars: Some Of The Best Outdoor Cafes In Koramangala

By Karishma Drabla
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The chill in the air, breezy evenings, and the outdoor-style seating – This is what we all crave for. And this kind of scene is ideally very common in cities like Mumbai, Pune or Bengaluru. Certainly, we are all bored of that monotonous dine-in setting. Enough of them, actually!

With the changing patterns, dine alfresco and outdoor cafes have been raging nowadays like nothing else. And why someone would not like the experience of having the tempting fare in serenity. So, for all my peace-lovers and the ones who love relishing their food in open, here are some of the best outdoor cafes in Koramangala, Bengaluru which you can literally consider while being the city.

Third Wave Coffee Roasters

a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala

Third Wave Coffee Roasters is one of the best places in Koramangala that supplies the finest coffee in the town that you can enjoy the fresh air around you. Without any second thought, coffee is an absolute winner here. The beautifully yet thoughtfully decor and the hipster vibes are sure to the next space of happiness. Go and have experience as smooth as cappuccino. Try their Hummus platter too.

Location: 984, 80 Feet Road, Near Maharaja Signal, Koramangala 4th Block , Bengaluru

Bistro OUI

a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala-1512912224

Bistro Oui, being one of the best outdoor cafes promises to offer soothing music, sumptuous fare, flavored hookah making it a new place to hang out with friends. The relaxing ambiance, charming interiors, and delectable Continental cuisine are all those things that make al fresco dining an exceptional experience. Great taste and varieties will make you spoil for all good reasons. Must try -Chicken steak and soup, Iced Peach Tea.

Location: 476, Opp BDA park, KHB colony, 5th Block, Bengaluru


a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala

Finding ways to de-stress after a hectic schedule? Kargeens is that place to be. It is also known as House of Sheesha, popular for throwing in amazing hookah in a quiet friendly atmosphere. The high-quality food and lip-smacking drinks are also highlights of this place. And on the top, their outdoor seating is sure to cater the needs of many people in the town. Pair their brownie shake with pasta alfredo and there you go.

Location: 36, 3rd floor, 100 Feet Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru

A Cafe

a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala-1512912316

See yourself getting lost in the beauty of nature on your visit to A Cafe. Being surrounded by potted plants, you will feel more than relaxed and happy for all reasons. It’s the place for all people who possess sweet tooth or are born with it. Do try their pancakes, waffles and Hazelnut cappuccino. So, when you happen to be in Koramangala, do visit A Cafe.

Location: 11, 7th Cross Rd, Jakasandra Block, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe

a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala

The idea rooftop studio cum cafe that lets you relish healthy food without being guilty of the junk food you generally consume in cafes. The good vibes and some super quality food bar make the overall experience a memorable one. Well, the place aims at serving the best yet freshly tossed salads along with selected choices of juice. Do not miss munching Salad with salsa and Hummus platter and yes, other gluten-free options too.

Location: 82, 7th Main, Near BDA Complex, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore


a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala

Say Hello to Stoked! This enchanting cafe cum bistro, set up away from the hurly-burly roads of Koramangala, is winning hearts of people for its amazing outdoor arrangements and wood fire pizzas. Also, its pet-friendly policy makes it a hit among pet owners. Well, you can kick-start your Sundays while having breakfast with your pooch at Stoked! This place’s popularity credit also goes to fluffy pancakes and the Eggs Benedict along with the wood-fired pizzas.

Location: 458, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru

Hubble Bubble

Well, the list would be incomplete if I don’t include Hubble Bubble in it. Being a place to have an unforgettable date night experience, Hubble Bubble is more than just a cafe. Hookah, fast food, al fresco seating, and ambiance straight out of Aladdin’s world - this place offers it all. Peeps, ask about grub power and I’ll name dishes like Spanish omelets, jalapeno poppers, chicken wings that you can pair with apple pie shake.

Location: 577, 80 Feet Road, Kalyan Mantapa Road, 8th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru


a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala

Located in Koramangala, Smise fulfills the needs of patrons regarding both fine al fresco dining option and casual cafe. Needless to mention, for all the ever-hungry souls and the ones looking to satisfy their inquisitive eyes, the Smise’s menu is an absolute delight. The economical yet extensive menu throws in choices for all coffee addicts. The continental delicacies are sure to please people of all age-groups. Not miss dishes from the menu include Citrus Salad, Chicken Drumsticks, nachos and Berry Smoothie.

Location: 4th-floor art arcade 80 feet road, Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru


a meal under stars some of the best outdoor cafes in koramangala

A perfect place to enjoy time with friends, a casual option to go over coffee and the spot to relax and unwind the passion for bikes - Cafemoto tends to be one of those kind places and everything in between. Coffee roasting, motorcycles, sumptuous grub – all make yet another popular cafe among the already bursting-with-cafes Koramangala. This place not only wins for its bike decor but also for rooftop vibes and juicy burgers. What else you can check on their hearty menu – Pop the Clucker, Moto Cross Rooster Burger.

Location: 122, 1st Floor, 5th Block, KHB Colony, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Enjoy the utopian  Bangalore weather with outdoor seating!
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