Scrutinise Gurgaon For The Best Street Shopping Places In The City

By Karishma Drabla
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Touring to Gurgaon? Or are you having a contrivance to do so lately? Anyway, to satisfy all your cravings for shopping let's take a short trip to Gurgaon's fleas and plazas right away. So, why to just dream of inexpensive and voguish items or why just to ogle at the display when you can manifestly have them straight in your bag even with the little money in your pockets?

In a city like that of Gurgaon, one can easily discover restaurants, cafes, eateries and all but to go out for shopping you need to have tons of knowledge about the best and most affordable places where bargaining is entertained and you get what you want with ease and comfort.

So, here are some of the go-to places if you are considering shopping in Gtown.

Sadar Bazaar

best street shopping places in gurgaon

Who does not wish to purchase clothing, visit eateries that are affordable as well as likable? Perhaps everyone does. So this particular market viz. Sadar Bazaar in the cyber hub of Gurgaon is a comprehensive place to get all the stuff in your bucket anytime. It's sure to facilitate all your demands from clothes to footwear to cosmetics to what not. Despite the ubiquity of skyscrapers all around the town, this market remains the oldest yet the busiest market of all.

Arjun Marg

best street shopping places in gurgaon

Looking out for some branded or non-branded stuff out there in Gurgaon? Do not miss out the appealing shopping spot of Arjun Marg in the DLF Phase-I. Be it kurtas, shoes, jewelry or make-up, you are sure to get the whole nine yards in the shops filled up to the brim that manages to successfully bewilder the customers on what to buy and what to leave behind. Once you step into this market, one thing is sure that you will only step out with numerous bags bulging and overflowing with items of no immediate use.

Sector 14

best street shopping places in gurgaon

Street shopping and local fleas of Gurgaon have always given a neck to neck competition to all the super sophisticated malls. Maintaining the bargaining cloud, the shopping hub Sector 14 overflows with the most voguish and cheapest casuals that fit in the demands of all the civilians. Believe it or not but this spot is one-stop-solution for all your requirements.

Sushant Vyapar Kendra

best street shopping places in gurgaon

In the stupendous stretch of Gurgaon, Sushant Vyapar Kendra proffers a gaping variety of goods including merchandise such as dresses, fabrics, eatables, tailoring studios etcetera to assist the people who look out for economical, modish as well as durable products. This place will undeniably familiarise you to the very soul of Gurgaon. The exact intense taste of this city lies within these small yet perplexing markets.

Hong Kong Bazaar

best street shopping places in gurgaon

If you ever visit Gurgaon, do not forget to drop yourself in this extremely ravishing Hong Kong Bazaar at all of the Sector 57. From dollars to doughnuts, you will come across end number of shopping emporiums, eating joints, jewelry outlets, intricate designers and all kind of stuff that one desires to shop for, including the commodities required for the household chores on a quotidian basis.

Galleria Market

best street shopping places in gurgaon

Never forget the Galleria market when you’re out for shopping in Gurgaon, the very pride of this advanced city. This paramount plaza of the Sushant Lok 1 provides a massive range of all the commodities whether expensive or inexpensive. This market is touted as one of the most elite markets that provide colossal sales on the products.

Toss your hair in the bun and head out for shopinggggg! *wink*
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