Be a Celeb Now! Your favorite gym, BodyZone Offers 25% Discount This Festive Season

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The second home to most people especially the fitness freaks, gyms have become increasingly popular among the masses. Not only for the youngsters but the 50+ something oldies too! (Na…they need special reference…) In fact, the old-turned-young at the heart has also stepped out and are shredding those years of stubborn fat, beating even the young Gen-x. The urge to fit-in that designer lehenga, to look hot 'n' sexy in that sculpted Sherwani or Mukatsari Punjabi kurta and be well suited for that Tuxedo has led to this drift in their attitude. The wedding season motivates them to be fit and become a gym enthusiast.

bodyzone gym chandigarh

BodyZone: The Celebrity Gym - The most preferred destination of the city Elite and Celebrities with a decade-old history owns the power behind the throne! For so many years they have helped folks get the most desired 6 pack abs, curves, and cuts. "They truly bring out the best version of YOU!" Bodyzone is one of the Best Gyms in Chandigarh

Get to know BodyZone 

This health institute has got everything from Cross Fit to HIIT to whip your body into shape. The huge 14000 Sq. ft carpet area and over 1200 Sq. ft Group activity area is well lighted and well equipped. From machines to free weights, moving-grooving groups to Spa sessions, to the best & most motivated Team of Certified national and International Trainers. This gym is a luxurious fitness center. 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

Like your aim towards being fit, their vision and mission both are clear. Maybe a dash more because they will pull out something from their bag of surprises that you might not know.

Well, they have got all tips and tricks, methods and procedure, means and sources to get what you want. 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

Burn the calories the fun way, Next –level workout 

- Hail and hearty- Fitness Bhangra is something to look out for, anybody can relate to this form of dancing. Your feet start tapping the minute a bhangra number is played. Whereas Strong Zumba is a combination of HIIT, Cross fit and Zumba, so it's an upgrade to the regular Zumba that you are used to, which made you dance on the Latin music. Either of these, the party workout options will tone up your body. These bold maneuvers restore your smile, pump your heart rate and get your Adrenal gushing- The HAPPY HORMONE! 

So Choose your course… Let’s do Uno Dos Tres or Aja Bhangra Payiye… 

Tip- Keep an update on the latest moves and choreography, learn them and show off at any occasion. You don’t need the dancing classes now! 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

- Cry that fat out- For a couch potato like me, any form of exercise means convincing me to get out of my comfort zone, which is nearly impossible!!! However, these Fun, party type body sculpting activities actually make sense and make you want to put that little extra stress on those Fat Tissues. How do I analyze my body? Well! They have got equipment for this as well. BMI Body Mass Index machine and an In-house Dietician is available for free consultation.

HIIT Equipment like Kettle bells-these cute but heavy looking bell-like things can drive your muscles and trim your batwings, Dumbbells-though named Dumb-bells, they are rather smarter than your muscle group and lastly Ankle weights- The wrap-around weights that strengthen your ankle and tone up your calves and make you look perfect. 

Tip- When you lift these, look at the muscles. You’ll go crazy after watching those muscles do the talking. Wink! Can you feel the burn? 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

- Tailor-made training to serve you- Each human body has its own pace. Some can lose fast and some loose inches, some even take baby steps are required. It all depends on one’s hormones, metabolism and body type. And to keep all these in mind, they customize your training sessions as per your body composition. You need not worry about your diet or gloomy days. They have got all the knowledge and motivation to get you going.

 Tip- They have an exclusive studio dedicated especially for customized training. You can feel like a celebrity and look at those ceiling to floor mirrors and daydream. 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

-Aura Cleanse and Heal that soul- It’s time to energies your soul-mind-body. Hatha & Power yoga doesn’t need any introduction since the yoga guru and celebrities have already hyped up this form of spiritually-mentally-physically strengthening workout.

Tip- Relax, take deep breathes, listen to the yoga instructor carefully and stay calm coz this is some serious workout form. 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

- Rejuvenate and pamper your muscles- Well this is my favorite part. My muscles are crying and they are really sore, in dire need to de-stress! 

After the strenuous workout, all you crave for is a warm massage by a trained therapist who can pamper you and get you back in shape for the next level workout.  

bodyzone gym chandigarh

Get your asses rolling... why...? 

Chandigarh has reported the highest prevalence of Diabetes and obesity in both urban(14.2%) and rural(8.3%) areas, according to the study conducted by the Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in three states and a Union Territory. Hypertension (overall) was observed in Chandigarh (32.6%) according to Indian Diabetes Study phase-I. (TOI -Apr07-16) The daily hectic office schedules are not only nerve wrecking but they also put a toll on our physical as well as mental health. We might ignore the symptoms now but later we will realize the value of exercise. Precaution is better than cure! 

So this festival season gift yourself, 1 hour each day of Positive dose & Exercise! To help our community in Tri-City BodyZone has made a conscious effort by offering you the best facility in this segment at an affordable price so that you can achieve your health target by the end of this festival season. 

The offers vary from annual packages to couple packages (Of Course Individual Packages too… (WHY ignore bachelors & Bachelorettes) but you are sure to get 25% discount this festive season. 

bodyzone gym chandigarh

A little blabbering... "Just bear with me… I’m sure you’ll benefit!" I want to share a glimpse of my life wherein, I remember my fitness days. Long back when I used to work-out, I had a lot of Stamina and Zeal to work in the office. I was totally optimistic and motivated...Self Driven to the tee. But then, I stopped excising. I guess after my workload increased in office. Honestly, after that, I felt so lethargic and gloomy like there was a vacuum which was created, something important in my life was missing. So I researched and I realized that every time I exercised my body would release a hormone which is actually a Happy Hormone called Adrenal, it was such a rush! That happy feeling in my heart that made me smile had become an inevitable part of me, It was a WAY TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE! Now I am Enlightened! 

Well, that's Me! but you can ignore this feeling now, however sooner or later your soul will coax you to join this gym especially when you wear your festive attire and you think you look like a Celeb but all you can Really see in the mirror is a fat, older version of yourself, in a Flash you will realize how quickly you are ageing with no free time for self-indulgence. So please feel free to address your issue quickly and visit: 

Address: Sco 180-187, 2nd floor, Sector 9-C, near Grewal eye institute Chandigarh
Contact No.: 084271 11333
Website :

Buckle up to pull those muscles… you need those picture perfect selfies this Festive Season…    
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