These Book Cafes In Gurgaon Are A Must-Visit If You Happen To Be Food Loving Bibliophiles

By Karishma Drabla
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If you see a book & then if you see a coffee and good food as well, I am sure you gonna have a good day ahead!

Books and coffee go hand in hand. There would be no other deadly combination than of bookstores and coffee cafes. To be honest, for me, the delight of having a book in hand while enjoying the colorful ambiance of a cafe or bistro is just same to the one that I experience while enjoying the rains with my mug of coffee.

Well, we all run, from the already running-high life of our towns. And in that process of escaping the crowd and rush, we find our own ways to unwind and get lost in the serene world. So, for all my word-thirsty friends, these mentioned book cafes in Gurgaon offers one such way to be by yourself every time you want.

Cafe Wanderlust

book cafes in gurgaon

If you are a book soul then this place is for you. Travel-themed interiors, vibrant ambiance, a whole lot of books and its global-based cuisine make Cafe Wanderlust a hidden affair in the busy DLF Galleria Road i.e. SF 53-54, First Floor, DLF Galleria. This cafe offers homely feeling while serving a fusion of varied cuisines to try, colorful interiors and a large bookshelf to retreat yourself away from the humdrum life. This place also allows enjoying free Wi-Fi so that you can play your favorite song online and munch on with ease.

Location: SF 53-54, First Floor, DLF Galleria, DLF Galleria Road, Above Archies Gallery, Gurugram

Another Fine Day

book cafes in gurgaon

Trying to get rid of the same writer’s block? Another Fine Day is the right escape for you. The moment you enter this cafe, you are sure to feel at home. Located in the MPD Tower, DLF Phase V, this cafe is not only bound to get your creative hat on but also to please your gut and soul with its rich variety of menu and well-stocked bookcases. Moreover, if you are thinking to work on your laptop whole day but the food is restricting you down then fret not as this place’s beauty lies in its all-day-long breakfast which will keep you hooked up in your work.

Location: Level 1, South Point Mall, Sector 53, Golf Course Road, Gurugram, Haryana

Cafe Delhi Heights

book cafes in gurgaon

Cafe Delhi Heights is that one book cafe that can help you in taking your coffee and conversation to a next level altogether. Eclectic environment, good food, all-day menu option, bar facility, quirky yet mandatory Delhi essence along with the choice of al fresco dining makes this place a haven for all food-loving bibliophiles. True to its name, the spot’s ambiance reflects of its offerings. So, when in Gurgaon, visit Cafe Delhi Heights.

Location: 3rd Floor, 301 & 302, Ambience Mall, NH8, Gurugram, Haryana

Warehouse Cafe

book cafes in gurgaon

Feeling to indulge yourself into the fictional characters of a novel while sipping down your coffee down the soul? The Warehouse Cafe is what you seeking. Well, this cafe is for all those who like to munch on while writing their heart out. Not only for food soul or writers, this place is for all who need a right balance of silent library and noisy cafe. 

Location: Plot 11,12, Leisure Valley Rd, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana

Cafe RED Garden Kitchen

book cafes in gurgaon

What could be more stimulating than a cup of coffee in one hand and book in another? Well, this place’s offerings will not only satiate your hunger but your soul too. Like the name, this place instantly can make anyone feel vibrant and happy. The cafe that serves cuisines like Italian and Continental is also famous for letting all the readers soak into some fictional and non-fictional stuff without any disturbance.

Location: DLF Phase 4, Next to Super Mart 2, Gurugram, Haryana

Black Buck’s

book cafes in gurgaon

If this quirky name doesn’t pull you towards it, we believe its offerings and ambiance will surely do. The place propounds good books, quick bites, breakfast option along with your choice of drinks. Ergo, this one is must-visit when in need of alone-time with the cultural space of cafe.

Location: Building 9A, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Visit these book cafes in Gurgaon & make the reader within you happy as hell
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