Save The Date: Chandigarh Nightlife Returns

By Muskaan Nagrath
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The recent liquor ban news had sprung up across the nation like GOT seasons since the place where the ban had barged in was the centre stage of euphoria. Chandigarh being on the top of the fan list went dry due to the prohibition of liquor. And a wave of happiness has enthralled not only the bars and various night clubs but the city’s public. After the much-awaited repeal, Chandigarh is back on toes with its gushing and exuberant night life. After the locked and loaded situations, it’s time to prep up the party animal and gives it, its dose of music, dance, and masti. 

 Let’s get ready to rock and roll.

1. Gang up your gang 

It’s time for reunions, it’s time to let loose yourself. And what better than this being achieved with the near and dear ones. Call up your yaar-dost… that dur wali masi ka beta…cousin in the town…. And bash on in your favorite night spot. 

chandigarh nightlife returns

Make sure you make the reservations, coz the night-owls are already into the open and you don’t want to miss your favorite space. 

2. Set the wheels in motion 

Before you get-set-go to that night spot, make sure your lovable car is in good condition. I’m sure you want to impress the girl sitting next to you of course with a sparkling and neat car. Shhhhhhh….. girls love men who take care of those roller coasters in hand. 

chandigarh nightlife returns

Make sure the car is well maintained along with all the papers intact so that the after party mazaa isn’t spoilt. And if you are planning to get drunk it would be better to take the cab because safety comes first. 

3. Keep your belongings close 

In the hustle-bustle, don’t forget to keep your personal belongings like some cash, identity card, car or flat keys and of course your lifeline – your phone with full battery, safe and sound. Just in case of emergency keep at least one of your close friend or relative informed about your go bouts. 

chandigarh nightlife returns

Not to forget, keep your debits cards and credit cards balanced checked...U know what I mean! 

4. Get acquainted with the location of the club 

Since few of the clubs had relocated to new places, I advise you to get acquainted with the locations. Do check for the nearby police stations so that anytime you are in trouble, you have the safe zone around you. 

chandigarh nightlife returns

Make sure that place is safe enough. Somebody is waiting for you back home. 

 5. This one is especially for the girls (wink..wink) 

After long hours of staying inside and being scared, it's high time to take out that Zara dress, Aldo silhouettes and LV bag and get yourself dolled up head-to-toe. you don’t want to miss any minute of this ah-mazing night. 

chandigarh nightlife returns

A small piece of advice - Apply the roll-on (yes I’m talking about the fragrant roll on) on to your feet (Top of fingers and ankle )to prevent those shoe bites. You can thank me later..Wink! 

6. Know your limits 

You wouldn’t want to create any scene with your yaar dost after boozing because the least you would want is the revival of liquor ban. “Bhai bahut mushkil se ache din vapis aye hai” Enjoy the enjoyment but by knowing your limits.

chandigarh nightlife returns

Pointer- Take along a sufi (teetotaler) guy.. at least he will be in senses if you aren’t.

7. Forget everything and enjoy 

This isn’t a normal night out. It’s the most wanted night out. So buckle up, gear up and hit the most famous night club. Steal the show by showing your coolest dance moves and woo the crowd by being the gentleman and lady out there. 

chandigarh nightlife returns

Make the most of your night out.

 Relive the liveliest clubs like never before!
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