Groove To The Rock And Pop Beats Only At The Chandigarh Rock Fest 2017!

By Zufeen Khan
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Eccentric Hospitality Enterprises brings to the people of Chandigarh, a unique Rock Fest! 

An extravaganza celebrating offbeat music and intrinsic talent. The city beautiful is hosting the event in light of providing its people good food, lively ambiance and an unforgettable musical night!
The indie-rock bands performing here will mesmerize you with their sheer talents.

No event will take its full form without an amazing audience, like the people of Chandigarh! Food from the most popular and ever delicious food joints, bakeries and cafes of the town, and of course booze, to keep your spirits high! 
A sneak- peek of what this amazing musical night holds for you…

chandigarh rock fest 2o17-1511851918

Swastik The Band

The masters of fusion! The band came in the form in 2005. They create fusion music which includes Western rhythms, Sufi and Indian folk; helping them connect to the wide audiences instantly.
Their energetic performances will keep you on your toes!

chandigarh rock fest 2o17-1511851940

Ankhur and The Ghalat Family

With their origins in Mumbai, this band is very well known for its Hindi rock. With talented artists on-board, this band has been successfully contributing to the Bollywood music industry. They also released their debut Side A/ Side B in 2016, which gained them mass popularity.
Be prepared for some amazingly rich indie pop, coming from this band!

chandigarh rock fest 2o17-1511851955

Rudra The Band

As the name suggests, this band is inspired by shlokas and vedas. They beautifully weave the words into music, hence giving us an enriching rock, psychedelic and mantra rock experience.
Expect some surprisingly stunning performances from these young talented guys!

chandigarh rock fest 2o17-1511852497

The Khalnayak Band

The curators and creators of the ever favorite track Mahakal, these guys will totally spellbind you with their unique taste in music, and wondrous talents. Each band member brings something exclusive with them on the table, making the band exceptional!

chandigarh rock fest 2o17-1511851987

Pump up your energies, and join us for an extraordinary musical fiesta!

Gates open at 4 PM, 2nd December 2017, Nimantran Banquets, Zirakpur Panchkula Highway . 
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