Diet Tricks: 9 Low-Calorie Food Recipes That Proves Dieting Can Be Delicious

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I started dieting recently and since day one I have been receiving messages from Dominos, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, etc that they are giving one plus one free or giving away at fifty percent off. Why god why? When I have to drink soup and eat vegetable oats the whole world is enjoying junk food. Dil always maange more!

But there is a cheat sheet for everything. There are many mouthwatering dishes that you can eat if you don't want to gain extra pounds. Add spice to your life and forget the boiled food that you have been eating to shed the stubborn kilos.

Low-calorie food Recipes:

1. Sticky rice, vegetables, and soy sauce

delicious diet food recipes

This meal is pretty simple to make by using the ingredients here, you can mix up a tasty meal in minutes.

Just steam some rice, Wash and drain a jar of vegetables in a microwave-safe container and cook them up, Now mix rice and vegetables collectively with soy sauce. The mixture is equitably cheap, healthy, and easy.

2. Black beans and rice

delicious diet food recipes

It is one of the cheap, light meals which everybody likes. This recipe only needs some of the cheap ingredients, yet is packed with flavor.

Add onion-garlic paste and cook for 4 minutes in a heating oil, now add the rice and cook for extra 2 minutes. Boil vegetable stock for 20 minutes. The black beans and spices should be combined just before you’re willing to serve.

3. Oatmeal and banana

delicious diet food recipes

Oatmeal is remarkably nutritious and simple to prepare. Around here, we love to make up a container of steel-cut oats and combine any fruit and some raisins and cinnamon. This healthful meal doesn’t need much time to make but carries a ton of potential to support us get by the day.

4. Egg and black bean burritos

delicious diet food recipes

If you’re looking for a low-cost, healthy meal you can have on the go, see no more than this formula for egg and black bean burritos.

Begin by cooking some tortillas on the container. Meanwhile, combine a dozen of eggs and cook a package of black beans.

After combining, add any extras you might require. Use sour cream, shredded cheese, and hot sauce to garnish your meal (You can further make these in mass and refrigerate them so they’re available to warm up on a restless day morning.)

5. Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup

delicious diet food recipes

It is one of the most healthy, cheap, and easy to make meals ever mentioned.

Making grilled cheese is simple: Spread butter on four slices of bread, and lay them horizontal on a heated skillet. Add a piece of cheese, and coat it with the extra piece of buttered loaf. Brown the sandwich by cooking on both surfaces and the cheese should be melted.

6. Chickpeas and pasta

delicious diet food recipes

If you want some vegetarian recipe in Meatless Days or deciding to eat vegetarian more usually, here’s a meal you can try.

Heat one pack of pasta with water in a pan until it gets soft. Now draining your pasta from excess water, add Ragu pasta sauce, a whole of chickpeas, and onion in a tiny dice. Combine it all collectively and cook on low flame until your onion is browned and the meal is piping hot.

7. Grilled chicken and sweet potato fries

delicious diet food recipes

Grilled chicken and sweet potato fries are certain to satisfy the appetite in any sort of weather. First of all, wash four sweet potatoes then splitting them with a knife into half-inch slices. Place them in a container, use olive oil to spray them till they are spread all over, then on a baking sheet, lay them horizontal. You can also use your personal Cajun sauce to spray the potatoes and then cook them at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. Meanwhile, grill six chicken breasts by lighting up the barbecue and cook till they are no longer pinkish in the centre. Serve both with barbecue seasoning.

8. Pancakes with apple slices

delicious diet food recipes

We have pancakes with fruit for breakfast on every different weekend. It’s also a good choice if you want breakfast for dinner as per the mood.

Even you can get pancakes from scratch, which will be cost effective to make with them your personal pre-made mix. Just cook them until you have accurate, golden-brown pancakes, then garnish them with your preferred fresh or preserved fruit and enjoy.

9. Fried rice

delicious diet food recipes

Fried rice, which is another excellent idea to make something delicious and unique from fridge scraps and leftovers. Here’s a simple recipe to serve:

Take a big frying pan, brown a piece of garlic in an oil, now add one sliced onion and cook it until it becomes brown, then drop in a pair of eggs and mix them up on one surface of the pan.

Now crank up the flame and stir in whatever extra components you need or have on fingers — corn, peas, mushrooms, diced carrots, broccoli, pineapple, or pieces of ham all go well — along with your spoonful of sugar, leftover rice, and soy sauce. Cook on high flame for a few minutes, mixing continually, and serve immediately.

Now you don't have to spend your evenings with a heavy heart as now you can spend it with mouthwatering dishes.
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