8 Broad Differences That North Indians Would Surely Notice On Their Visit To South India

By Karishma Drabla
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India, being one of the diverse countries, is a home to many different religions, languages, customs, and of course culture for more than thousands of years. So, it comes out as no surprise to come across unique and different folk traditions and culture on travelling to India and relishing life-changing experiences while exploring different states of the country.

While the diverse culture of India is enough to give anyone a cultural shock, the beauty of the country lies in the diversity of incredible culture that one can only encounter while moving from one part of India to another.

On talking about manifold civilization, how could we forget to mention about the differences in culture that even Indian people belonging to South and North India get to confront on their visit to different parts of India? For now, we have amalgamated all those cultural differences that a North Indian observes when he visits the southern part of India.

1. Difference in appearances

differences between north india and south india

Belonging to different racial races, North Indians and South Indians carry different personalities. North Indians are generally taller, fairer and heavily built whereas South Indians are slightly dark in complexion. Though this may not hold true for every person.

2. Rice vs Naan

differences between north india and south india

While South Indians are known for their love for rice and idli, North Indians are known for paratha and butter chicken while keeping wheat as their staple diet. Also, South Indian food is likely to be spicier than what people in North India might consume. So, the one belonging to North India might find an issue in swallowing South Indian food on their visit to South.

3. Courtesy factor

differences between north india and south india

It would be possibly common for North Indians to get acknowledged during their stay in South. As believed, South Indians know well to appreciate each other’s efforts. So, if you visit South India, get ready to hear more of sorry and thank you.

4. Maintenance and cleanliness at its peak

differences between north india and south india

On visit South India, one can surely observe clean and well-maintained surroundings. People and government over there are strict about neatness and hygiene. Nobody is allowed to spit or litter over there in South. 

5. Changes in languages

differences between north india and south india

Well, on traveling from North to South India, it is easy to feel the change in linguistics. Take an instance: While referring to unknown people, North Indians say Behen (Sisters) and South Indians call by Maa or Amma. Different though but the meaning is same!

6. Dressing sense

differences between north india and south india

On one hand, where you see males in North wear and women donning salwar kameez or churidar, on the other hand, men in South prefer to don dhotis and for women, saree is the preferred attire.

7. Unpredictable rains

differences between north india and south india

The climate in South is mostly dominated by rains and moisture. So, unpredictable rains are very common to experience if you go to South India. Also, the rains then get followed by a severe cold which allows people over there to take their woolen clothes out and make use of them. Moreover, the weather in North is mainly dominated by sweat and warmness.

8. Dance forms

differences between north india and south india

It is quite natural to see changes in dance forms of North and South India. Dance being an expression of society undergoes several societal changes. North Indians prefer dance forms like Kathak, Chhau, Gaudiya Nritya, Odissi and Manipuri & South Indians like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, and Mohiniyattam.

Well, no matter what differences do one part of India has with another part. The fact is we all are Indians and that makes us bound to each other irrespective of diversions.
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