Reasons Why You Should Ditch Other Places And Carve Your Story In This Happiest City - Chandigarh

By Muskaan Nagrath
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It was not up till 2002 that I decided to come to Chandigarh. After a small vacay in Shimla, my father headed to Chandigarh for some work and that’s when I yearned to explore this city. My experience- Don’t call it a city, call it a dream. From pensioners paradise to new-gen-x wanderlust, Chandigarh’s structural scapes, scenic beauty, and its education hub attract everybody to itself. 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Chandigarh’s official emblem “Open Hand” sends a message “to give and receive.” I gave my love to this city and received a never-ending love affair. My bond with this city not only gets stronger when I visit it again n again but the moment I enter this dreamland, a cool breeze enthralls my mind, body, and soul. 

List of Reason why you should ditch other places to live in Chandigarh: 

 1. Chandigarh is God’s heaven on earth. 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Le Corbusier conceptualized Chandigarh as analogous to the human body. The ‘Head’ being Capitol Complex in Sector 1, ‘Heart’ being City Centre Sector-17, ‘Lungs’ being the open space and greenery, ‘Circulatory System’ being the 7V’s, with the vertical roads called the Paths (running northeast/southwest) and horizontal roads called Margs (running northwest and southeast) and ‘Brain’ being the Educational Institutions. A planned city that is human in itself. Isn’t that ah-mazing !!!! 

2. Educational Destination 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Since the setup of Panjab University in 1882, Chandigarh is the most sort after destination for every student of the region. Not only this, one of a kind university, there are other colleges, institutes that offer at nearly all levels of education, from elementary school all the way up to doctoral programs, in an attempt to give geniuses to the economy. To name a few there are government colleges, M.C.M college, Alliance Francaise de Chandigarh(a pioneer in French learning), Chandigarh University, and so on. 

 3. Take a stroll in the midst of nature lap

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

There’s nothing better than a lakefront stroll. Sukhna Lake is the got-to-go place. The smells, the quiet, the breeze, the … silence… given rhythm by footsteps, bicycles, laughter under the opening sky of sunrise would make your heart sing and smile. From the food court to swings, it’s amongst the best tourist attraction for families and young. 

 4. Chandigarh - The greenest city of India 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

We all know since Chandigarh is the first planned city in India, it is appropriately known as the city beautiful, but now it is also known as the Green City of India for its Eco-friendly environment. There are many attractions in Chandigarh, that are surrounded by green trees. The Rock Garden being one of the prime attractions of Chandigarh is a must-visit. Various sculptures made up of broken ken glass bangles, chinaware, discarded fluorescent tubes, clay, and coal dot the premises. Walls of terracotta pots and the maze of paths, canyons, and chambers display great creativity. There is also a 14 chamber edifice with a waterfall, puddles, statues of animals and birds. 

 5. Richest petrol pumps…HOW? Geri route 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

If you are a music lover, driving freak and a social clique, accelerate your cars, bikes to witness heart-throbbing cool Punjabi chaps trying to showcase their assets and of course wooing girls. The route, spans from Sectors 8, 9, 10 to 11, with the core being around DAV College, Home Science College for Girls in Sector-10 and Govt. College for Girls in Sector-11. Keep your eyes wide coz you don’t want to miss the luxurious cars. WINK !!! 

 6. Why should boys have all the fun !!!!!! 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

The Geri route would be soulless, hadn’t it been the wakhra swag of girls and guys drooling over the lyrics “Jado nikle patola banke mitran di jaan te bane…” Dolled up from head to toe, Chandigarh gals can pump up anybody’s heart. Every gal sparkles like a glitter with their att nakhra, masoom chehra and dil ch shaitani….. Guys better be careful coz they can derail u anytime !!!!! 

 7. Elante Mall

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Chandigarh houses in itself the second largest mall in northern India. Elante mall spread over 20 acres of area, is the pinnacle for shopaholics where one can browse the luxury boutiques like The Collective, Jamawar Minx etc, haute couture, retail shops, electronics, play zone, cinemas and what not. Dive into style, get entertained by various mob plays and dance, satisfy your taste buds by treating them with the variety of delectable cuisines and food and get drenched in its aura. 

 8. Sector satara (sector 17 Chandigarh)

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

City’s next world also known as “Pedestrians Paradise” is Sector 17 which is the heart of the city. The place boasts an eclectic mix of eccentric shops, bookshops, restaurants, hotels and small indoor markets. Known for its alternative character, this block is a fantastic place for people-watching, street entertainers, and The USP is its Laser light show (put up at evenings from 6:00 pm to 8:30 p.m.) which should be enjoyed with mouth-watering ice creams at the famous Softy Corner. 

 9. Chandigarh is not only for young 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Wakhra swag isn’t only in girls or cool hunk handsome guys, the city stocks traditional yet enchanting oldies. Many of them are impeccably dressed and often have an eccentric style that makes you want to follow them around and find out more about their lives.That makes me sound like a crazy old-person-stalker but I just mean they look interesting and as though they have some good stories to tell. 

 10. Chandigarh by Cycle 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

The city has its first riding track and first of its kind in Punjab. For all the bicycle lovers, Chandigarh provides an avenue to have a joyride. Stretched to 77 km, the administration is proposing and planning it to increase to 99kms. Gear up for the non-geared vehicle ride. 

 11. Chandigarh is a city for night owls

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

If you think the city is beautiful in the day, just wait for the night. The city changes as the sunset and the obedient street lights, light up Chandigarh and puts on a twinkling display. Cool cafes turn into even cooler wine bars and a dancing spree tapping their feet on some of the amazing DJ’s in the town and live bands. You can groove in some of the coolest night clubs like Kitty Su, Paara, Peddlers.

12. Drive your Sunday on the Himalayan Expressway 

ditch other places and live in chandigarh

Sometimes, it’s not about the destination, but the journey and when it comes to the magnificently jaw-dropping highway, one couldn’t agree more. So what are you waiting for? Hop in that car, roll down those windows and cruise along this 17.1-mile-long highway. 

Step into this fantasy land, and fall in love !!!! There’s certainly an air of fairytale about this place.
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