Master The Art Of Diwali Gifting - Online Gift Ideas

By Muskaan Nagrath
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Deepawali, apart from festivals of lights, diyas, candles and lots of fire flowers that illuminate the black sky is also a source of family gatherings. This festival is much awaited as we all get an excuse to either mend our relationships or jazz up the relation with bosses or higher authorities for …you know… Promotion… (Of course strengthening it also…)

Well, we have our reasons attached to this festival and all we want a token of love and showering blessings… wait wait… we are already stocked up with aashirwaad … (that is every time with us…) but this time we want gifts or wish to present our near and dear ones with the best of options…

But gosh all these markets are flooded… roads are roaring with the honking of cars and Uff Corona … where do I place my foot in these shops … Top of it the scary message “Don’t touch the showcased items”, “ If broken considered sold and you pay”… Saving myself from all this, I’m gonna shop online. Pick up your smartphones and scroll through those pages... Listen…. If not others you can self-gift… After all, you need to greet yourself also.

Moving to the other gifting options, zeroing in few out of the box Diwali gifts trending this season.

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