5 Diwali Hampers You Can Shop In Ludhiana For This Festive Season

By Muskaan Nagrath
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It was a delightful scene when I watched my nephew opting for hamper instead of crackers when his parents asked for Diwali gift. 

Curious to know how did he manage to keep aside the joy of crackers and going for the hampers, I asked him what made him choose hampers over the crackers? 

He promptly replied that upon bursting of crackers, his lil Labrador, Dobbie used to sneak out and then timidly sit somewhere from the fear of noise and pollution. This made him the Go Green Diwali Hero (at least in my eyes…) 

diwali hampers in ludhiana

But those hampers cost parents more than the crackers (I sympathize with them). We usually forget to keep the environment and animals in mind and opt for crackers. Though for some it may be a shagun and I don’t intend to hurt their sentiments. 

All we can request is to go cracker-less and contribute towards a greener future. Anyway, the thoughts count more than the price. 

This Diwali lets pledge to Go Green and swear by not increasing the pollution stats.

Some of the best places in the town where you can buy the hampers if you wish to stand out the usual Diwali gifts...

Nik Baker’s 

diwali hampers in ludhiana

For all those people who have different taste, Nik Bakers is the ideal gifting shop. Get the designer boxes ready and include options ranging from Belgian chocolates to Turkish baklava to rich English dry cakes. More than 50+ boxes to choose from, Nik has always swayed our options. if you get exhausted try the protein shakes to boost your senses and energy.

Address- S-2, Malhar Rd, Sarabha Nagar, Main Market, Ludhiana 

Call- 0161 5062208

          0161 5062207 

Radisson Blu Hotel- MBD Mall 

diwali hampers in ludhiana

This place never fails to amaze its patrons. Be it any festival or an international celebration, Radisson Blu has always been upfront. Known for its quality service, this time gift your loved one's macarons, assorted cookies, and other imported items. You can customize according to your tastes and pocket.  

Address- Radisson Blu Hotel, MBD, Ferozepur Road 

Call- +917508222745 


Shruti Mahajan's Bake my Day 

diwali hampers in ludhiana

Add a personal touch to the hampers and if you are willing to go the extra mile, then Bake my Day will make your day. They put a lot in there baked items to keep you smiling. My personal favorite is Cake Jars which look stunning and palatable at the same time. They specialize from a different variety of dry cakes, cupcakes to homemade ice creams.

Address- 117 B, Shastri Nagar, Near B.C.M School, Ludhiana 

Call- 09780045636 

Gopal Sweets 

diwali hampers in ludhiana

This family restaurant beside fulfilling our tummies renders everything that we require under one roof. Get spoiled by a range of options they showcase that fits in everybody’s wallet. The widest variety of sweets is what they are known for. You like sweets get them packed or your requirement is assorted cookies and juices get them packed. Gopal Sweets is known for its impeccable designer boxes.

Address- 1E, Malher Cinema Road, E-Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana

Call- 0161 245 8000 


diwali hampers in ludhiana

You have got so many hampers to distribute yet want to maintain the quality and be pocket-friendly, I’ve got a place for you. Step into this small yet classy shop and choose from the displayed items and their available baskets and get your love wrapped. I’m sure you’ll be happy and save a lot.  

Address- Civil Lines, College road, Ludhiana 

Call- 098141 27979 

diwali hampers in ludhiana
Go Cracker-less… 
Go Green...
Happy gifting …. 
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