Election 2019 - A spectacle to witness and a miracle to predict

By sanya doomra
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election 2019 a spectacle to witness and a miracle to predict

As the world’s largest democracy with conscientious voters is all geared to hearken the tiding of the future, we must know the voting rights and insights, the history and the point of action for the upcoming ‘Battle of Ballets’. The Indian Parliament is comprised of the Bicameral legislature, the General Elections of 1951-1952,(held from 25 October 1951 to 21 February 1952) was the first election to the Lok Sabha since India became independent. Different countries conduct various types of elections that suit best according to their topographical stretch, density, and economy. There are ‘Open Primaries’ where anyone may vote and the ‘Closed Primaries’ where only those registered with a particular party may cast their votes. India’s Parliamentary System is based on the Westminster Model of Constitutional Democracy, similar to the British framework. However, here in India, there are Lok Sabha elections, Rajya Sabha elections, Local bodies elections and the Special elections-limited to one specific purpose of filling vacancies. The EVM machines were first used in the ‘By-Elections’ in Kerala for a limited number of polling stations in the year 1982. The EVM machines were commissioned in 1989 by Election Commission of India in collaboration with Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India Limited. 

election 2019 a spectacle to witness and a miracle to predict

Adding to the existing thought-‘Liberty is worth more than Ribbons,’ similarly, ‘Democracy is worth more than Repressions.’ Straying away from euphemisms, emotionalism,war-mongering,over-exhaustion of the rare, allocated resources and all kinds of class consciousness, caste subjugation, minority oppression, India needs Intelligent men continuously working to frame the constitutional amendments for the better and the brighter future. Amidst the hustle-bustle of the city, the ruckus and rumpus, the struggle and scuffle, elections in the land of festivities are no less than a spectacle itself. The cajoling tribe and the propagandizing contenders can be seen on their toes during this period. Taking time to vote is a small way to make a big difference. Every vote is important, every round of count decides the future for the next five years. Right to Vote is the basic right of every citizen who responsibly adheres to the duties, without knowing this it becomes impossible for democracy to think intelligently about issues of general importance. Instead of being an appendage to personal affairs, It is time to participate in the welfare of the country. Predicting the obvious is the first duty to be eliminated while casting vote, Only then one has the subjected right to ask and inquire about the happenings, demand the unfulfilled and prioritize what was not prioritized in the past. Introspect, analyze from every point of view the agendas, proposed propaganda and also the opposed charges in broad spectrum before casting votes. The world has sunk to the depth where resentment is the obvious result but with wise awakening, it can be revived to the all-new liberal era with no lawlessness but justice, no weapons but improvisation, no ignorance but wisdom, no terror but stability, no war but peace. 

election 2019 a spectacle to witness and a miracle to predict

The year 2019 has to be the year of change which is both pivotal and vital. This year has to be the era of new age revival. The elections will be held in seven phases this time beginning from April 11 to May 19 covering 543 constituencies and the results will be declared on May 23 respectively. Register yourself to vote at least 15 days prior according to the Model Code of Conduct. Chandigarh and the rest of Punjab will cast vote on May 19 in the last phase. Citizens who turned 18 years old by January 1, 2019, are eligible to register effectively. Indian nationality, Voter ID card are the requisites to participate in the polling execution. The voter ID card is an acknowledgment that the cardholder is registered voter. Additionally, the voter should be free of any criminal charges. NRI voters can still exercise their right to vote with their issued voter ID by being present in their respective cities where the voting will take place. 

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