Essentials of a Long Distance Relationship

By Zufeen Khan
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Distance doesn't matter when love is true. All these lines might sound all fun, but it takes real efforts to make it work that way. Love is the sweetest feeling, and to love and be loved is beyond beautiful. Finding someone who loves you as much as you love them is a true blessing, but all this is not a cakewalk, especially when it comes to long distance relationships.

Team ShoutLo have worked out for you to find 5 essentials of a long distance relationship:

1. Communicate:

The biggest problem in LDRs is communication. Sometimes your schedules won't meet and sometimes the time-zones! Talking 24*7 is not communication. Dedicating a fraction of your time to your loved one, and understanding and listening is what real communication is. Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp can prove to be your BFFs when wanting to go on a virtual date with your bae.

essentials of a long distance relationship

2. Trust, Jealousy, Honesty: 

When physically away from your partner, feelings of distrust and jealousy are natural to sink in. However, don't let them overpower you. Trust and honesty are like butter and scotch. If you're expecting your partner to have trust on you, you must be honest with them. Don't keep secrets. And this applies to both the partners. There will be temptations, but you need to control them.

essentials of a long distance relationship

3. Try the Old-School ways: 

Video calls and text messages might be super easy and time-saving, but nothing beats the charm of letters and cards. You can't even think about the happiness they bring to the person receiving them. Sending a letter once a month to your lover will always warm their heart, or sending a bouquet their way to freshen up their day. All this will put a broad smile on their face. Try making a DIY card and send it to them, and a tear of happiness is sure to drop.

essentials of a long distance relationship

4. Spend some real time together: 

Even though technology will help you keep the relationship smooth, you need to meet each other to keep it alive! Plan an adventure trip together, or a small getaway if your schedules don't permit you a long break. If you want to avoid all the chaos, you can plan a simple visit to their place. You can Netflix and chill at each other's place. Cook for each other, have coffees together. Real time is important for any relationship to grow and bloom.

essentials of a long distance relationship

5. Patience is the key: 

No matter what ways you try to keep in touch and keep the sail smooth, there are going to be fights and mental breakdowns and a lot of "I miss you", but you don't have to let it break you down. Patience is the key to keeping all of it together. You'll feel like giving up at some point, and you might feel ignored when your partner is actually busy. There will be insecurities and what not. All of this might seem difficult, but your love will keep it going. When you finally get together, you'll know that it was worth it all!

essentials of a long distance relationship

Extraordinary love will never come easy! xoxo
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