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By Kashish Sharma
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Fabcafe is known for redefining the entire notion of healthy eating by going the extra mile to integrate the quotient of taste in the food it curates, indicating how clean eating can be a promising way of life.

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

This incredible India proud cafe gets you hooked to some drool-worthy nutritious food by offering more than just a mainstream dine-out experience. At Fabcafe, it’s all about savoring the meal of your dreams!

Making use of a modern recipe and serving it with a dash of heath and taste, Fabcafe wins the fusion-food game in the city. (Proof? Try out the stars of the menu aka the chaats, spinach momos, Mutton Galouti). Capturing the essence of each food, and highlighting it with bold explosive flavors, each and every spread at Fabcafe is curated to be wholesome.

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

Fabcafe’s thoughtfully designed menu is as exclusive as it gets. A pleasant surprise of dishes that tastefully integrates the forgotten local ingredients with innovation. The robust flavor of the food, too, exhibits that they use local ingredients that are carefully chosen not only to delight your tastebuds but also to meet your health goals.

With ample choices available for people who are vegan or prefer gluten-free, Fabcafe has varied options available with different flours- Bajra, Jowar, Kuttu, that provide a healthy twist to every conventional dish.

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

What’s more! The desserts at Fabcafe are wheat-free, sugar-free and vegan. So you can now indulge in desserts, absolutely guilt-free. Believe us when we say, the caramelized Banana cake and the berry ice-cream, here, are a captivating assault to the senses.

They have designed a special kids section on the menu that caters to their taste. The menu includes dishes like a mouth-watering margarita pizza but with a healthy twist, the pizza has quinoa base and not wheat or maida base making it uber-healthy and delectable.

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

The ambiance of the café is filled with green planters and pretty wallpaper, making it an ideal place to unwind. It’s just out and out gorgeous!

The cafe is ornamented with colorful seating spaces and intricate lanterns setting giving it a very serene and quaint vibe, elevating the dining experience to another level altogether.

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

The staff, as per the popular opinion, is exceptionally diligent at Fabcafe. Utterly warm, hospitable and thoroughly equipped with the menu. Not only that, the crockery and dinnerware at Fabcafe is absolutely exquisite.

You can’t help but get mesmerized by its intricate detailing. Chances are, you’d making a rush to the nearest FabIndia store immediately after and indulge yourself in a therapeutic shopping spree. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

At Fabcafe, the food is served beautifully in the most quaint setting, in the company of pleasant music that soothes you, leaving you in a state of mind where you can relish each mouthful wholly.

So, head out to Fabcafe for a one of a kind experience. Your ideal go-to-place for those lazy languid Sunday brunches with your friends or celebratory dinners with your fam or even if you’re looking to spend some peaceful, quality ‘me-time’ over a cup of spectacular coffee where you muse about all the happy things in life.

fabcafe panchkula favorite healthy spot

You can truly count on Fabcafe for being achingly Fabulous! This is because, Fabcafe understands that food isn’t just food, it’s an experience that lingers on.

So, here’s your chance of blissing out on specialty coffee, scrumptious smoothie bowls, and divine artisan food all day long.

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