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Finding Success Within By Vivek Atray

Finding Success Within By Vivek Atray


India is a young country. A country brimming with ambitious and capable youth but the millennials are lost as the majority of them who start out to establish their careers or start their very own businesses are often directionless and in a serious need of a mindful mentoring. Each one of us wants to know the secret of success. But if it were that easy, there’d no unprofitable businesses and no failures faced by any individuals. 
finding success within by vivek atray

One’s success depends on a number of considerable factors. Just how committed are you to your goal? How imperative is it for you to attain your objectives and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve it?

They say people who achieve the most in life are constantly on the lookout for constructive criticism that leads to self-improvement and evolution.

But how is that done? How do we go about it? Well, before you go out seeking validation at the workplace, one needs to conduct self-introspection and analyze your strengths and weaknesses

To do that is quite simple actually. Just be a voracious reader. Cultivate the habit of reading as it doesn’t come across as a surprise when most of the successful people in the world are avid readers. They drive their knowledge through intelligent reading and implement the key takeaways into their lives. So, basically, reading notable and relevant books is a job half done! The first step at the stairway to success

finding success within by vivek atray

Bringing into the light one such book, "Finding Success Within - 52 Life Skills for Young Indians" harbors the power to truly change your life! The acclaimed author of two books, titled "Move on Bunny!" and "Dubey Ji Bounces Back", Vivek Atray has now launched his third book that dives deep into his varied and diversified personal experiences as a Life All-rounder, a Cricketer, an Engineer, an IAS officer, and a celebrated Motivational Speaker to write this book on 52 golden nuggets for achieving success and happiness in life.

Finding Success Within covers and uncovers topics as diverse as Presentation Skills and Networking Skills, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; in fact the entire set of skills and qualities that a multi-faceted professional needs to be successful in his or her corporate career. The book also throws light on Life Skills and delicate matters like Choosing the right Life Partner, Maintaining Relationships and Parenting Skills as well as the need to practice Calmness and most importantly, Meditation.

finding success within by vivek atray

Vivek Atray makes sure to emphasize the point that there is a constant need for each of us to polish our edges, reminds us of the power of believing in one’s capabilities and that nobody is perfect or has mastered all skills in life. It’s highly important to keep the creative flame burning bright throughout and seek lasting inner peace instead of transient pleasures.

To sum it up, if there’s one book you need in your life right now, it’s Finding Success Within. This book entails the recipe of success and will surely help YOU to improve your career prospects and enhance the quality of your life, Internationally renowned personality Shiv Khera has written the Foreword to the book.

You can, now, order the book on amazon and start reinventing your lives already! Get your copies here

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