These Fond Childhood Memories Of Dussehra Will Awake The Nostalgia Bug In You

By Karishma Drabla
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It is that time of the year again when there is a slight nip in the air and all the jamborees are in the full bang-on mood. As by now, my all Indian friends would have got what exactly I’m talking about. Yes, it is the season of festivals yet again!

From Navaratri, Dussehra, and Karva Chauth to Diwali – almost every festivity is celebrated with great vivacity and fervor by the entire nation. After the nine days of Durga pooja and dandiya nights comes to another awaited festival i.e. Vijayadashmi or Dussehra. Wondering when is Dussehra falling this year? Well, Dussehra 2020 is coming on October 25 and with that, a lot of our memories are also on the way.

The day that marks the triumph of good over evil or the victory of Lord Rama over the ten-headed demon Ravana has given us all the sweet childhood memories while celebrating Dussehra in a different style and ways. 

So, walk down the memory lane and get nostalgic while reliving these childhood memories of Dussehra.

Vacation time, more enjoyment, and fewer studies!

fond childhood memories of dussehra

Do you remember how excited you used to feel when you used to get those circulars from the school relating to the holiday schedule? Well, that was the best time to enjoy the festivities and relax at home. Dussehra kick starts the festive season officially and with that our vacation time too.

Trying to make Ravana effigies

fond childhood memories of dussehra

Remember how you used to try making one of your own Ravana effigies so as to burn it in the Dussehra evening? The roads filled with many such countless effigies used to give us the feeling of happiness and celebration effortlessly.

Witnessing the Ram-Leela storytelling session

fond childhood memories of dussehra

Visiting the nearest ground in order to watch out the epic yet hilarious 10-day long storytelling session popularly known as Ram-Leela and then sitting with grandparents just to listen to the real purpose of the festival and the lessons to learn from it became the invaluable things during the childhood. Right?

The entry of Ravana during the tale

fond childhood memories of dussehra

The gaudy jewelry, intense baritone and that entry of Ravana during the drama had all our eyes during the session. Moreover, imitating the Ravana’s laughter was one of our priceless childhood possessions.

Special toys that our parents gifted during that time

fond childhood memories of dussehra

To stop us from misbehaving in public or for the sake of keeping us busy, our parents used to give us special toys like – Dhanush, gadha or colorful masks. And with those things we used to portray like Lord Rama and play those characters with our friends while enjoying to the fullest. There was another advantage during that was that whichever toy we demanded, we had that in our hands. *wink*

The delight to watch the effigy of Ravana burnt

fond childhood memories of dussehra

After the Ram-Leela drama, the excitement with which we used to wait to watch out the burning of Ravana’s effigy and the delight with which it used to happen was one of the best parts of celebrating Dussehra. The fireworks already had my heart then. What about you?

Mela fun

fond childhood memories of dussehra

How could the celebration of Dussehra be complete without a visit to Mela and enjoying fun rides over there? Well, our day used to end with rides like Ferris Wheel and Merry-Go-Round and all the adrenaline-packed activities followed by the appetizing street food that we enjoyed with our families.

Finally, heading back to home after a fun-filled day and loads of memories!

At the end of the day of Dussehra, we just carried the souvenirs of the celebration and the sweet wait for Diwali.

I understand that these all memories might have given you nostalgia in no time. So, are you waiting for Dussehra 2020? 
Well, we wish you Happy Dussehra in advance!
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