Eat To Lose: 7 Weird Yet Deadly Food Combos That Help You Count Calories

By Karishma Drabla
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If you have always been thinking of diet (excluding the exercise and workout part) as one of the fine ways to shed pounds then probably you have been paving the wrong path. Diet does matter but the secret to losing weight lies in consuming calories rather than counting them.

Well, to be clear, we are talking about consuming calories fewer than we burn. In short, eat healthy, filling foods that could kick up our metabolism, help lose weight and maintain the charm of our face.

You might be surprised that there are some out-of-the-box food combinations that work wonders in counting calories. I am sure after knowing that, you will definitely include few of them in your diet plan.

Here we go...

7. Apples + Watermelon

food combos that help you lose weight

On one hand, where apples, known to be one of the healthy fruits, have no match on talking about fiber content, on the other hand, watermelons, one of the high-water-content fruits, help to feel the person satisfied and stuffed for long. Hence, combining these two awe-some fruits comes out to be a heavenly option. You can even consume them in form of fruit salad. Well, you will start seeing the change in your waistlines soon.

6. Banana + Spinach

food combos that help you lose weight

The filling fruit banana is quite popular for its wholesome properties and when you will have this heavy fruit with a low-calorie-content and more of fiber-carrying veggie like spinach, you will undeniably experience the feeling of satiety which could help you in losing weight.

5. Raspberries + yogurt

food combos that help you lose weight

The fat-free yogurt, when combined with fiber-rich raspberries, does wonders to the pot belly that you might be carried off from a long time. Take a sigh now as the deadliest combination of yogurt and raspberries will help you burn the extra carb and fat.

4. Eggs + Black Pepper

food combos that help you lose weight

We all know the egg is an amazing source of protein but when the egg is seasoned with black pepper, it becomes the unparalleled match. Egg used with black pepper aids in losing weight. You can also use egg with bell peppers.

3. Apple + Dark Chocolate

food combos that help you lose weight

Some of you might already know that dark chocolate is the best alternative for all chocolate lovers. The cocoa present in dark chocolate helps control the blood sugar levels and when it is paired with apples then the combo becomes just like ‘Cherry on the cake’ thing which again proves it to be wonderful for shedding pounds.

2. Coffee + Cinnamon

food combos that help you lose weight

We all love coffee, don’t we? But have you ever tried mixing the cinnamon powder in coffee? Well, as per researchers, when coffee is used with cinnamon, the extra fat gets eliminated from the body. FYI, cinnamon also helps balance the insulin ratio in the body. So, next time you prepare coffee, just sprinkle cinnamon powder on the top of it.

1. Yogurt + Cinnamon

food combos that help you lose weight

As we already told how cinnamon and yogurt are beneficial for the body. So, when these two useful ingredients are mixed then another crazy yet helpful amalgamation is obtained. Just use cinnamon powder while consuming yogurt and feel the change in your weight.

Try these combos and thank me later. 
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