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Not Every Beginning requires an Ending-It is Rather Cyclic!

Bearing the brunt of monetary risks and earning the rewards simultaneously has never been a cakewalk. Rather it is more like a ‘journey from Aberdeen to Balmoral’ stating it in stricter and economical terminology. The entrepreneurs always have been driven by the immense passion and their instinct to do something ‘bigger’ and ‘better’. This tendency to do things differently requires confidence, motivation as pre-requisites and these seemingly unattainable desires turn into ‘undeniable success stories’ later. 

gamechangers opening event by localglobal

Once the hunt is on, the results evolve but not to forget the repercussions that greet halfway uninvited. A successful business takes everything the entrepreneur has got so far. Bold moves determine and drive the entire force of being an entrepreneur who lives to be different in every way possible. The zeal to create something of its own and make a prominent shift from ‘Job Takers’ to ‘Job Makers’ is spurring the rings of truth all the ways.

GAMECHANGERS-The First-Ever Event of Tricity powered by Digital Series

gamechangers opening event by localglobal

The opening event of LocalGlobal held at Space Jam at Sector 34, Chandigarh was the recent highlight and the headline that was appreciated on a larger scale for its mission to boost the morale by clearing the layers of doubt and maintaining the air of rationality keeping the dreams alive. Chandigarh righteously has boomed as 'The City of Start-ups', the reason why there is an increase in demand for the events like this to help the budding entrepreneurs choose the right path.

The Less Traveled Road Might Make Difference But The Well Guided Path Surely Does!

LocalGlobal is another such initiative by Digital Series which aims to provide a platform for people wanting to brush up their entrepreneurial skills and brimming with pure talent. In the words of Roy Ansh who shared his own experience-‘An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he’ll quickly learn how to chew it.’ Setting up a business and cracking that power code has never been easy. There needs to be a space for quite introspection as well as louder soliloquies and deeper monologues in equal contrary terms. LocalGlobal as an initiative to boost the start-up hubs in the City Beautiful aimed at bringing out the creative edge of how differently entrepreneurs perceive the outside world.

gamechangers opening event by localglobal

‘Creating opportunities’ and ‘availing those opportunities’ to dwell upon the set parameters of establishing and inventing, framing and re-creating goes hand-in-hand. The ‘knicks and knacks’ of work ethics and aspects can only be attained through proper guidance and to enforce these terms LocalGlobal brimmed as a ‘GameChanging Moment’ positively to make Chandigarh a ‘pro-start-up city’ with Namita Satija and Sameer Sharma, founder 'Shoutlo' and 'Uengage'- prominent names in the Chandigarh Entrepreneurial circuit and Nitin Rai Chaudhary founder of Digital Series was the host for the evening. The entrepreneurs shared their experiences and certain appalling and appealing happenings that they tackled to be where they always wanted to be.

The Instinct Once Acknowledged Does Wonders! Dreams and Vision Keep The Entrepreneur Sane.

Before starting up a business there are bound moments of doubts where ‘giving up’ is the closest repercussion but then again there will be one of those moments when ‘giving in’ is the only remedial solution to every trivial. 

gamechangers opening event by localglobal

 Sticking to the same line of discussion and credibility entrepreneur Sameer Sharma, founder Uengage & Shoutlo, discussed his journey of chaining the blocks and gaining the hands-on-experience swiftly. Emotional stability as a factor affecting job stability and networking as a tool that helps in flourishing was also taken on the dice. The love for his hometown and desire to retain the talents of Punjab, here in Punjab led him to start his journey of discovery and entrepreneurship. 

There Is No Baptized Entrepreneur But The Real Entrepreneurs With Holistic Approach!

To attain financial independence is the real deal-breaker which can lead to two-way open-ended probable results-positive as well as negative. His #Gamechangingmoment was while working in HCL Technologies in the USA when he was deeply anguished and felt the pangs of separation from his motherland. This is when he decided, he wanted to go back and work for the betterment of his nation and for obvious reasons his hometown as well and ‘Trideal’ happened for him over a five minutes discussion. 

gamechangers opening event by localglobal

 After working in Bengaluru for 1.5 years for Trideal and then for Paytm finally, he came up with ‘Shoutlo’-an online listing directory with the primary concern of providing jobs and opportunities of pupils of Punjab so that nobody has to leave their hometown and then he launched Uengage-a bootstrap startup with the primary motivation of helping offline businesses to flourish and encourage start-ups.

 The Accountability When Shared Yields Bigger And Better Credibility!

The importance of ‘co-founders’ and ‘co-workers’ is intelligible to the extent that every work down the line gets equally distributed and the accountability maximizes along with the credibility- the key factor prioritizing both is solely ‘reliability’. So, in a start-up, everything and everyone demands the righteous attention and incentivized results to assure smooth internal working along with quick external bringing.

gamechangers opening event by localglobal

 Overall, it was an invigorating power-packed session that surely inspired the aspiring entrepreneurs to take things one-by-one into sharp focus and instilled a spirit of confidence among them to practically channelize their energies to live their dreams. 

SCO: 188-190, 2nd floor, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh, 160034
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