What Is In-store For All Enfield Fanatics At Royal Enfield Chandigarh?

By Kashish Sharma
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Royal Enfield is not just a bike, it’s an emotion in itself. When a Royal Enfield hits the road and it thunders, it’s a vision like no other. Bike enthusiasts swear by the iconic Royal Enfield and owning one is an honor in itself. But what is it that makes Royal Enfield so beloved, dreamlike and so prestigious?

garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

Sure it is over 100 years of rich legacy counts for something but that’s just not all. Throughout the time, Royal Enfield has made conscious efforts to be dynamic and relevant by successfully capitalizing the growing customer preference, diverse product portfolio, capacity buildup, strong brand positioning, and rapid network expansion.

garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

Royal Enfield Chandigarh - Garg Autos does exactly that for you! It brings to you the best of the bests. Spoilt for choice, it'd be no less than a paradise for you where you can get hold of these magnificent machines in their full glory. Royal Enfield Chandigarh makes sure that you experience the 'joy' of buying your dream bike because they understand that you are not just buying a bike,  you're signing up for a lifelong membership of incredible times and unforgettable memories. 


garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

Hard to not fall in love with a Royal Enfield, especially with its staccato beat and prodigious performance. All the model variants under Royal Enfield have a distinctive charm, adrenaline, attraction, and charisma attached to them. The 6 headlining bike models of Royal Enfield are Interceptor 650, Continental GT, Thunderbird, Himalayan, Classic, Bullet. Amongst these, Thunderbird, Classic, and Bullet have further sub-variants of six, nine and five respectively, ensuring something for everyone. The highest selling model is the Classic 350 and the top-end model is Continental GT 650. Also, if you’re an adventure junkie and off-roading is your thing, then Royal Enfield is THE bike made for you.


garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

Royal Enfield bikes are highly customizable as a plethora of official accessories are available to choose from. At Garg Autos - Royal Enfield Chandigarh, the bikes can be modified from the showroom itself and they offer a wide range of aftermarket accessories to improve and personalize your bikes. These accessories being alloy wheels, luggage rack, a full-fledged cruiser with double-sided panniers, windshields, auxiliary headlamps, cushioned seats, exhaust tailpipes and more! It’s your bike, why not have it your own way?!

Riding Gear

garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

Now when you ride a Royal Enfield bike, cradle its powerful handle, wind the throttle, that very sound gives you chills and the feeling which you experience at the time of riding an Enfield is simply indescribable. But whilst doing so, you’d want to look the part too, which is why the riding gear is of utmost importance. But need not worry! Garg Autos - Royal Enfield Chandigarh has got you covered! There are umpteen options available for helmets (which you can also make your own), short cuff gloves, windcheaters, riding boots, jacket, duffel bags/backpacks, multifunctional headgear and much much more...all for a wholesome Royal Enfield experience. 

Apparel & Merchandise

garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

If your love for Royal Enfield doesn't end there, then there are apparel and merchandise to indulge in too. Customized belts print T-shirts, wallets, mugs, bags, hoodies, trousers are available for you. Go ahead! What is stopping you to become a part of the Royal Enfield family? 

garg autos royal enfield chandigarh

Visit Garg Autos - Royal Enfield Chandigarh now and take the first step towards being a proud owner of a Royal Enfield bike. Here's to fulfilling dreams and seeking wholesome experiences! 

If you are a Enfield lover, visit Chandigarh Royal Enfield for all your bike needs!!

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