Haunted Places in Shimla That'll Send Chills Down Your Spine!

By Zufeen Khan
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The most beautiful places, sometimes have a scary approach to them too. Shimla being the most fitting example in this case; as beautiful and calm as it seems, it surely has a few haunting stories and tales to it which might scare you to death!
These are haunting, and fascinating at the same time, to those who don’t really believe in paranormal and supernatural stuff.

We managed to bring to you a few of the most famously haunting stories, all the way from Shimla!

Barog Tunnel AKA Tunnel 33

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If you are en-route Shimla via Toy Train, don’t even think of getting down at the Barog Tunnel! This place has many scary legends surrounding it. It is believed that the head engineer Mr. Barog had shot himself here, on his incapability to complete the work of this tunnel. Precisely, due to some major confusion on the laying of the rail tracks. It is said that his ghost still roams in the tunnel. 

Another legend surrounding it is that many of the workers went missing during the construction work of the tunnel. Later it was found out that a werewolf was responsible for these mysterious happenings. It is said that the spirits of these workers haunt the tunnel till date!

IGMC AKA The Living Dead

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Indira Gandhi Medical College and IGMC Road are said to be the den of the living dead! Both the areas are swamping with ghosts, assumingly the dead patients of the IGMC Hospital. A lot of people report seeing them or calling out their names, and once you turn back there’s no one! Some of the ghosts stop the lifts from working, reportedly. People report seeing the spirits roaming on the IGMC Road, flying down the paths, or crossing the living people! And the few bad ones even trip on you! Geez… scary isn’t it?

The Charleville Mansion AKA The Haunted Mansion of Bayley

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This heritage building belonged to an English couple Mrs. And Mr. Bayley in the 1913s. The couple started experiencing a lot of paranormal activities as soon as the moved in. Mr. Bayley locked away a room, which he thought was the pivot of these activities, and went out with his wife for a few days. When they got back and checked the room, everything was askew and muddled! 

It is also believed that their servant reported an incident, where the couple weren’t home, but he saw a man sitting on the chair, and he thought they had returned. When he called his master’s name, he was shocked and scared to see that the man like figure moved out of the closed and locked door! This episode was so horrifying that they moved out of the place the very next day!

Convent of Jesus and Mary AKA the Horseman of CJM

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Even though it is the finest school in Shimla, it has some of the most horrifying stories to it. No student stays back in the school on the 13th of every month. It is believed that a dead horseman visits the campus every 13th and offers a rose to the girls. Who so ever accepts it is taken away by him, and even if a girl doesn’t accept it, her end is horrid!

Another legend is that a ghost of a girl, who is believed to be dead by the fire caused in the premises long back, still roams in the corridors of the school. She is still seen asking for her stuffed doll by the maids, and attendants of the school. 

It is also said that the dead of the fire break-out were buried in the premises, and a playing park stands on the burial grounds today!

Do recite all the holy vows and chants that you know before visiting these place! 

Also, if you know of any other haunted places in Shimla that we’ve missed, please do mention in the comments section below!

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