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Health Care Tips For Women Turning 30!

Health Care Tips For Women Turning 30!


Most of the women when they enter the 30s, don't feel different at all, because of the fact that you are as young as your heart is. But, it should be kept in mind, that your body tends to feel different, in the sense that it undergoes changes and you need to take care of your health right from the start of the 30s. Here we bring you few health tips so that you don't worry about your health and your body can feel too in 20's just like the way your heart does!

Keep a check on your calcium intake

health tips for women in 30s

In its early stages bone loss doesn't seem to affect but later it can lead to osteoporosis, it is really important that you keep a check on calcium intake. Calcium should be an essential part of the diet, there are various sources of calcium like milk, yogurt, and cheese, apart from that some leafy green vegetables and fruits also contain calcium.

Exercise to get rid of that extra weight

health tips for women in 30s

Metabolism slows down after a woman reaches the age of 30 and weight gain can lead to many health problems. It is essential that weight should be maintained and you should follow a proper exercise regime which includes a mix of various types of exercises like jogging, yoga, aerobics, cardio, and swimming. Apart from that, you should keep a check on your thyroid health and visit a doctor for regular check-ups.

Skin Care

health tips for women in 30s

As women approach there 30s it is a common phenomenon that the skin starts to get wrinkles as the skin cells are not as effective in their work as they used to be. Women should take care of their skin by avoiding direct sunlight and taking care of their skin by using mild and chemical-free cleansers, moisturizers and face wash. Apart from that, for keeping skin in the best way possible, women should resort to natural remedies than opting for chemical based products. 

Pregnancy Risks

health tips for women in 30s

As the trend is nowadays, no one wants to get married and have babies until they are well settled. This is indeed a good move but due to late marriages, there are now higher risks associated with pregnancy as most of the women by the time decide to have babies have crossed the 30s. During this age, the fertility decreases and it may be difficult to get pregnant, apart from this, chances of miscarriage and pregnancy-related health problems also increase. The child is more likely to have birth defects too. To counter this, it is recommended that women take their food habits very seriously an indulge in a nutrient-rich diet, a regular visit to gynac would also do no harm ladies!

Keep your hormones in check

health tips for women in 30s

Women have a lot of health problems which are related to hormonal imbalance, the most common ones are acne, hair fall, mood swings, low libido, insomnia, thyroid, irregular periods and many more. As women age, these problems tend to increase, it is important that women keep a check on their hormone health and ensure regular check-ups. 

Create a family medical history

health tips for women in 30s

This might not sound as important to you as it is, creating a family medical history is very important, it helps doctors to determine the diseases that you can be prone to and the necessary precautions that you need to combat the diseases. During the 30s the body is more prone to diseases than before as the aging process starts, having a medical history would make it easier for keeping your health at bay. 

Ladies, follow all these steps for a healthier life and stay in your twenties always!

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