Silent But Unpleasant Truth: Farts Are A Sign For A Healthy Body & Mind, Keep Farting!

By Karishma Drabla
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Flatulence, Passing Gas, Silent Emission or Fart – No matter what you call it by, it doesn’t get any daintier. Well, everybody farts, whether overtly or secretively. To be honest, the normal bodily act of farting (the average times a person fart is 8 to 10 times a day) is surprisingly good for our body and lifestyle. Though farts are a subject of humor for young and old and are not discussed in a polite environment, they are something which speaks volumes about our well-being.

Yes, that’s true – Regular Farting is a good sign that we are in a healthy state of body and mind. 

Believe us on that as we have the proof right here with us. These amazing yet unbelievable benefits of farting or smelling the farts will allow you to crack the rat comfortably, without feeling ashamed of it.

So, go and have a whiff for yourself.

Average farts per day count to 10 but can also go till 14.

healthy benefits of farting

It is quite natural to fart and if you are farting 8 to 10 times or even 14, do not fret as the regular farting is only a positive sign to let you know that your body is healthy. In fact, the food you consume is responsible for your farts so having proper foods for healthy farting should also be considered.

Health Benefits of farting:

1. Lessens the bloating effect

healthy benefits of farting

See, the bloating can also be the result of the accumulation of gases in the gut which finds it hard to get released and hence with the help of farting, the emission becomes easier and with that, you will feel an instant relief in discomfort caused by the bloated belly.

2. Improves colon health

healthy benefits of farting

Remember how our moms used to always tell us not to hold the gases? Well, that piece of knowledge is something we all should follow every time as holding something within tends to be bad for health and can cause an issue for your colon. So, keep farting and let your colon breathe healthily.

3. Throw early signs for major health issues

healthy benefits of farting

While you may clench to avoid cracking the rat, you will be thankful for your farts which come out responsible for throwing early signs of any major health problem. Like extreme bad smell or gas pains are few of the signs that fart shows up to alert us so that we can have ourselves evacuated as early as possible.

4. Smelling the farts is also healthy for you

healthy benefits of farting

Yes, not only farting but smelling the farts is also believed to be beneficial for our body. It may sound weird but is sure-shot true. The small doses of the rotten egg smell produced in farts have proved to prevent the later illness and infections. So, the next time when your office colleague lets out a silent but deadly emission, be thankful to them.

5. Helps balance the diet

healthy benefits of farting

Do you know passing the gas is a signal of the proper functioning of our digestive system? Well, different gases are produced from the consumption of different kinds of food. Like if you rarely fart, you need to intake more of fiber and if your fart smells like hell, you need to cut down your consumption of fatty food.

6. Keeps gut bacteria happy

healthy benefits of farting

You might not know but it is a grotesque fact that slimmer yet healthier people fart more. So, not letting the gas pass or holding it in can lead to serious abdominal pain and gut problem. Keep your gut happy and emit the wind with an ease.

7. Feeling of relief

healthy benefits of farting

Accept it or not but letting the wind pass leaves you with the feeling of relief. So, there’s nothing to feel ashamed of, in fact, the feeling of farting is worth the benefits it offers.

So, keep farting and stay healthy. 
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