An Open Letter To All The Men Out There: This Is How You Can Become Irresistible To Her

By Karishma Drabla
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Impressing a woman is no rocket science. In fact, it is a simple math to go down with if you only have the right orientation. Men, I am not asking you people to have sexy looks like Jon Hamm or be the irresistible man like Zac Efron (Of course, no one can beat them).

But here we are only trying to show you some easy pathways that you can adapt to be a man every WOMAN is attracted to. Although being an alluring man can be a tricky business, it is no impossible to achieve. So, all the men out there, if you are trying damn hard to please your lady then learn these 7 important lessons that would make your woman fall for you again and again.

7. Be the bad boy for her

how men can become irresistible to women

If you think that she doesn’t like “bad boys” then perhaps you may be wrong. For bad boys, we mean that men, who are self-obsessed and who love seeking thrill. Those males tend to attract women more than the sober guys. But fetish doesn’t mean you have to brag about yourself so much that your lady becomes irritated. Hence, be the kind of guy that she would like to crave for.

6. Safe is risky, so do not opt that!

how men can become irresistible to women

Trust me, women are not waiting for a nice guy who thinks ten times before holding their waist even while kissing or who feels shy even to compliment her as ‘sexy’. Today’s girls want to fly, want the spark in their lives, they love being adventurous and naughty to an extent. So, try teasing your lady, show an urge to kiss her and when you do so, do not think that what she would think of you.

5. Perfumes- way to make her heart skip a beat

how men can become irresistible to women

Nice scent can make the woman’s palm sweat even if it is not summer, LOL. We mean good smell is a perfect turn-on for a woman than nothing at all. You need to just smell good and for that start using more of scented products rather than the unscented ones.

4. Speak what she likes to hear

how men can become irresistible to women

‘Honey, Baby Boo, Shona, Shon, Jaan or Jaanu, Bae, or anything’ that she likes to hear, say that. Maybe these words could increase the intimacy or closeness between you guys. Well, the pretty pet names are likely to maintain the charm and happy moments between you people.

3. Send you razors on a break and be that bearded guy she wants to be with

how men can become irresistible to women

You might be surprised to know that a man with heavy stubble is found to be much more appealing than the one with a clean-shaven face. However, for women, the beard is a good sign of balanced masculinity. So, what now, grow the beard and flaunt it with style.

2. Be confident, don’t try interviewing her and be relaxed

how men can become irresistible to women

It is very important for a man to stay composed and confident while hitting on a woman. It may sound cliché but it is no less than a fact that women feel attracted towards a man with confidence and relaxed body posture. Also, if you trying to be women’s favorite, avoid the habit of interviewing and questioning them as women do not like being interviewed at all.

1. Sexy Gifts

how men can become irresistible to women

Gifting something out-of-the-box yet sexy has no match when it comes to impressing a girl. It could be something elegant like any necklace or something hot like wearable lingerie or anything that she has always been salivating to have. This would not only regain attractiveness in her eyes but will also make her happy and in turn to see her like that will make you happy too!

So, guys! Go on with these tips and rock on!
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