How Things Change When Your Sibling Gets Married

By Zufeen Khan
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The TV remote fights, pillow fights, thumb fights, fist fights, and fights and fights can very well describe the sibling relationship! Apart from all the fighting, there is immense love and care for each other. You guys are the perfect partners in crime and cover up for each other when needed. You guys might throw sarcasm at each other all the time, but there's love above all.

And when a new member joins the family, things can get a little less even. Whether it is you or you sibling, things are bound to change a bit, when one of you gets married. Here's how:

Things change when your sibling gets married

1. No Chill, No Party

When one of you gets married, you're either stuck up with work and household chores, and cute dates, or either too tired because of all these. There's hardly time for anything else. And so, the mini chill and party scenes with you go into oblivion.

how things change when your sibling gets married

2. Communication Break

Regardless of how much you guys messed up, you always discussed a wee bit of you life with each other. Now one of you is married, and quite obviously, the communication breaks. You can't call them at odd hours like before, or just rush into their rooms without knocking!

how things change when your sibling gets married

3. Attention Gets Divided

All the attention you used to gather for yourself will now be shared with the new member as well. If your sister gets married, you're likely to feel weird seeing all the FB Check-ins with her husband, and if your brother is married it'll feel unusual if he gets his wife a new dress.Of course, you're happy for them and their new life, but all the pampering gets divided and you have to tie a knot to your expectations.

how things change when your sibling gets married

4. Behavior Check

Your parents will be after your lives. The constant "Don't fight!", "Watch your language", and things like that will keep slipping in "n" times a day! You're expected to behave in front of the new member because you don't want your new brother-in-law to see how crazy your sister is, not too soon aye?

how things change when your sibling gets married

5. No Sharing

And suddenly you realize, their laptop, X-Box, their bag, their clothes and their existence is not just yours to share anymore. There's this new member in the family who is equally a part of their life now. And rightly, it'll be a bad thing to not do so.

how things change when your sibling gets married

6. You're Not The Boss Now

That's true! You just can't boss around. Your siblings know you and won't mind, but the new person in their life will take some time to understand you and might take offense if you throw your bossy tantrums at the love of their life!

how things change when your sibling gets married

7. Kebab me Haddi!

As you gradually understand this bittersweet symphony, you will decide to take a step back. You don't want to be the 'Kebab me haddi' type of a brother/sister-in-law after-all! This new member is rightly worthy of all your love and care, just like your sibling. Think of it as if you've got one more sibling to have fun and fight with.

how things change when your sibling gets married

No matter what, sibling love is the purest and maybe their presence has changed, but their affection and concern haven't.

how things change when your sibling gets married

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