How To Plan A Babymoon

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Two pink lines on a paper strip can change your life forever. The news of a pregnancy is often accompanied by nervous excitement of welcoming a new life into this world. As you move further along, the reality of pulling all-nighters stationed on diaper duty stares you in the face. A babymoon is just what you need to quell any fears or stress regarding impending parenthood and spend some quality time with your significant other. Just the way you did on your honeymoon, only this time you’d need a little more preparation and research to make sure this last trip you take as a solo couple turns out to be a memorable one.

Here is all you need to know about planning a babymoon:

how to plan a babymoon

What is a Babymoon?

A babymoon is a romantic getaway for expecting parents, especially first-timers, to allow them the time to reconnect with each other away from the stress and chaos of everyday life. It is a great opportunity to spend some romantic time together and shower one another with undivided love and attention before all your energy and time is consumed by the endless demands of caring for a newborn.

how to plan a babymoon

When Should You Plan a Babymoon?

The second trimester is usually the ideal time to plan such a getaway, as it is the least risky time of pregnancy. Your days of morning sickness are behind you, your bump is still a manageable size, it is usually considered a safe period for travel and you aren’t grappling with swollen ankles, Braxton Hicks contractions, cramping, and sore back.

how to plan a babymoon

Things to Consider

Even though you have fun on your mind, a few precautions are necessary to make sure your getaway is safe and relaxed (as you intend it to be):

 Consult your doctor regarding your travel plans, and embark on the trip only if you receive the go-ahead from your OB/GYN. This is especially important if your pregnancy carries any complications or risks.

 Try to limit travel time. If you are traveling for more than two hours, plan stops en route or get moving (if you are traveling by air) to keep your muscles relaxed.

 Research about the medical facilities and connectivity at your babymoon destination. If possible, seek references of a few local doctors beforehand.

 Avoid areas with a risk of a disease outbreak or rampant infections.

 Avoid babymoon plans with activities that can be strenuous for an expecting mother.

how to plan a babymoon

Babymoon Ideas

Since one of you is pregnant (physically speaking), your options for a babymoon may seem somewhat limited. You can’t go bungee-jumping or skydive no matter how much you both love a good adrenaline rush. Here are some ideas for a relaxing getaway during pregnancy:

how to plan a babymoon

 The Beach Holiday: Escaping to a beach location delivers on exactly what you are looking for in a babymoon – relaxation, rejuvenation, and rest. Just pick a beach that suits your budget, travel interests, throw in a swimsuit, and get going.

how to plan a babymoon

 The Nature Holiday: There are few things as romantic as cuddling with your significant other in front of a toasty bonfire, amid the rustling of leaves and whistling of woods. There are scores of mountain resorts that offer you just that.

how to plan a babymoon

 The City Getaway: If gourmet restaurants and shopping destinations are your ideas for a getaway, you could head to a bustling city that the two of you have not explored yet. Given the easy access to medical facilities and other comforts of modern-day life, this is actually a preferred holiday option for many babymooners.

how to plan a babymoon

 The Spa Retreat: Oh, there is nothing a good spa cannot heal. And that’s even truer when your body is exhausted from the process of nurturing and growing a baby inside. Indulge in some much-deserved selfish pampering by planning your babymoon to a destination spa.

how to plan a babymoon

 A Cruise: Hell, yes. Why not? As long as the pregnancy is normal and you have the luxury of time, a cruise is the best way to unplug from the stresses of everyday life. The dramatic experiences of the sea and the luxurious indulgences onboard is just the kind of pampering you need.

Rekindle the romance, enjoy your days on carefree wander because soon a vacation would mean an army’s worth of packing and planning. While you let your hair down and enjoy, remember to stay safe.

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