Kitty Su - Back with a Sensational Surprise

By Kashish Sharma
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Kitty Su; just doing what they do the best! This time around, Kitty Su has a super special event planned for its guests, which has kept them eagerly waiting and excited. Many people have also been putting their best guesses forward and just can’t wait for the big revelation! And guess what?!

kitty su back with a sensational surprise

In an attempt to make things extra special this time, Kitty Su has orchestrated the unveil of the surprise in such a way that it’s the people who get to decide when it occurs. All you gotta do is tag 4 FRIENDS and let them know that Kitty Su is soon going to be making a big revelation and they should be all ears, until that. That’s it, you guys! Then all we gotta do is to sit and pray, for the time to move a little more swiftly than usual.

kitty su back with a sensational surprise

SO, what are you waiting for? Let the tagging begin.. Hope to see you party animals there!! 

To participate, click here 
The Lalit Chandigarh, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Near DLF Commercial Complex, Chandigarh, 160101
Kitty Su - The Lalit Address
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