Le Corbusier Centre: Birth Place Of Chandigarh You Need To Visit

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A historical museum in Chandigarh, Le Corbusier Centre is situated at a distance of approximately 3.5km from Chandigarh Bus Station. It holds great significance in the city as it was the workplace of the world-renowned Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier Centre was inaugurated by the Chandigarh Administration on 6th October 2008. It was established within the former office of the old architect, Le Corbusier in Sector 19. It is the same office where Le Corbusier and his team designed and conceptualized the city around six decades ago. The centre now acts as a window into the life and work of Le Corbusier. It offers an opportunity for visitors and future generations to learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Chandigarh city.

Preserving, interpreting, and showcasing the works and legacy of Le Corbusier is the primary aim of this historic Museum in Chandigarh. It displays the significant contributions of Le Corbusier to make The City Beautiful, Chandigarh. Furthermore, the modest structure of the centre can be seen as a pioneering effort to introduce the ideas of sustainability and green architecture into the history of modern Indian architecture.

Le Corbusier Centre features a true treasure trove of sketches, paintings, photographs, models, and furniture that demonstrate the work of Le Corbusier. Additionally, the centre contains remarkable letters that highlight the political background of the project. The Society for Tourism and Entertainment Promotions (STEPS) runs the centre and the souvenir shop it houses.

Layout of the Le Corbusier Centre, Chandigarh

Le Corbusier Centre has a total of 9 rooms with one verandah and a corridor. Each room exhibits noteworthy highlights that demonstrate the vision of Le Corbusier for Chandigarh. His architectural principles, visions of urban planning, and artistic sensibility are all represented in these rooms in diverse ways.

le corbusier centre birth place of chandigarh you need to visit

Room 1: Publications and Reception Area

Room 2: Historical Records

Room 3: Important Documents, letters, telegrams, draft agreements, etc.

Room 4: Sketches, models, sections, and studies of architectural concepts of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier

Room 5: Maps and Models of Chandigarh’s Locations and Buildings

Room 6: Black n White and coloured pictures, translights, and sketches showcasing various facets of Chandigarh’s architecture and urban planning

Room 7: Committee Room - Master plan of Chandigarh city and its furniture

Room 8: Research, reference, and digital library for in-depth study

Room 9: Administration Room

Verandah: Exhibition hall for displaying iconic exhibits

Corridor: Photo Gallery for visitors to enjoy

Tourist Information Kiosk at Le Corbusier Centre

The Le Corbusier Centre in Chandigarh has introduced a noteworthy innovation to improve the experience of visitors - the Tourist Information Kiosk. This initiative was jointly undertaken by the Society for Tourism and Entertainment Promotions (STEPS) and the tourism department of the centre. The aim is to encourage the vision of transforming Chandigarh into a smart city.

Situated in Sector 16, the Tourism Information Kiosk lets the visitors get all the information about Chandigarh restaurants, hotels, and other general info about the city. This kiosk facility offered by the UT Administration has gained a lot of appreciation from tourists visiting the Le Corbusier Centre. The launch of this facility is an important step in improving the whole visitor experience and marking Chandigarh as a tourist-friendly destination.

Buns Bistro - A Cafe at Le Corbusier Centre

le corbusier centre birth place of chandigarh you need to visit

While you will be done exploring the whole birthplace of Chandigarh, don’t miss out on relaxing at the calmest outdoor cafe located within, Buns Bistro. Buns Bistro is one of the most hyped cafes in Chandigarh and for all good reasons. No kitty parties, birthday parties, or large gatherings are allowed at the cafe as it is specifically designed for people who crave peace from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Entry Fee

The entry fee of Le Corbusier Centre is Rs. 20 for people above 18 years of age. Children below 18 years of age and school groups are granted free entry to encourage them to learn the historical significance of the museum. Furthermore, you can purchase a camera ticket for Rs. 50 for photography and videography.

Le Corbusier Centre is an iconic heritage site and a must-visit place in Chandigarh. This notable heritage site presents an intriguing glimpse into the visionary world of Le Corbusier and highlights his significant contributions to the urban planning of Chandigarh. You surely need to visit this iconic Museum in Chandigarh to witness the legacy of Le Corbusier.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday and Government Holidays)

Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

Address: Sector 19B, Old Architect Building, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

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