Live Bands In Chandigarh Whose Performance You Should Not Miss!

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Swastik Swastik

Musical Engineers, One Band. These 4 words define the story of Swastik- The Band. Music is what brought these young lads together and has kept them together. Formed in 2007 by Rohit Joshi to promote Hindi rock scene on the national circuit. Together, these 5 Rockstars- Rohit Joshi- Lead Guitars/Vocals, Vipul Chopra - Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vocals, Hardeep Singh - Lead Classical Vocals, Rahul - Percussion and Pravesh Sharma - Bass Guitar, Madusara Liyanage - Wind/Reed and Mohit Nainar - Drums together create magic with their union. This amazing band from Chandigarh performs all over the region and from time to time, they grace clubs like Satva, Peddlers, Pyramid, MTV @ FLYP, Ministry of Bar Exchange and many more. Their first hit single ‘Daaroo’ became the jam among the students and became a rager overnight. Following other number like Kuch bhi Karlo, Jogi, Andhere Sheher mein and many more songs that hit the right chord with the music lovers from the city and made them as successful as they are now. Every time this lot of Young talent performs in the city, the house is always packed and everyone just can’t wait for them to get on stage and set it on fire. The best thing about their music is the relatability with the youth, which makes them connected with the masses. With such success, they perform at colleges, youth fests and music fests all over the nation. What has kept them going is their love for music and connection with the audience. Over a period of time, some members had to drop out due to personal priorities, but the band still continues to exist with the same zeal and love for music. So, next time this band from Chandigarh performs, don’t miss it out at all!

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